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    High Tech Transit Oriented Community (Richmond Hill Centre, Metrolinx, up to 80s, BDP Quadrangle)

    If this MZO is basically just the province given the developer land-owners whatever they want, then I would imagine that the developers would request a fairly low parking ratios. Parking stalls are expensive. I doubt the party hacks writing these MZOs have any clue what it is that they are...
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    849-855 Brant St (Burlington, Rosseau Group, 11s, ?)

    On the developer's website, they have this rendering, though unsure if it is an outdated concept.
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    The Ashton (Oakville, Times Group Corporation, 9s, Icke Brochu Architects) Submitted for SPA following settlement before the OLT. Didn't see a thread for this.
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    150 Sterling Rd (Marlin Spring, 13s, ?)

    It must be for one of the two "Future Residential" blocks in the site plan below. Probably the eastern of the two given the Steling Road address, just north of MoCA.
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    2365-2377 Lakeshore Rd W (Oakville, Graywood, 9s, Diamond Schmitt)

    Application has been submitted. Diamond Schmitt:
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    Toronto | 77 East | ?m | 16s | Podium It appears that following refusal and upcoming OLT appeal, city council and the developer are discussing various settlement options, including a 13-storey and a 10-storey option. The three options can be found here with...
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    Toronto | The Insignia | ?m | 12s | Onespace

    Recommended for approval. New rendering?
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    Toronto | Starklands | 152.55m | 46s | Benny Stark Limited | TACT Architecture

    Yup. I've deduced that each of the three SPA's correspond to a different block in the master plan. The 22-storey SPA is for a standalone building. The 46-storey SPA is shared with the 39-storey building. The 24-storey SPA is shared between four buildings, three of which are mid-rises. The...
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    Toronto | Bloor & Dufferin | 128.9m | 37s | Hazelview | Hariri Pontarini

    Still haven't seen any docs stating that a portion of this project is rental now that Fitzrovia and AIMco are involved, however, on the Fitzrovia site this project is now listed with three of the six market towers mentioned.
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    Toronto | Starklands | 152.55m | 46s | Benny Stark Limited | TACT Architecture

    Looks as though three SPA applications were filed
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    Toronto | 1087 Yonge | 66.4m | 19s | Zinc Developments | a—A

    Docs are up. Just one rendering.
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    Toronto | 215 Wellesley East | 28.2m | 8s | R-Hauz Services Inc | CMV

    If it is R-Hauz, then this should be a prefab site.
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    Toronto | 239 Dundas East | 156.6m | 49s | Metropia | Turner Fleischer

    No proposed parking is awesome to see at this site, though I would see the utility of having more than one car share spot for residents.
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    Toronto | 1215 McCowan | 180.84m | 55s | Crombie | WZMH

    This site was highlighted in one of Crombie REIT's investor reports as having near-term redevelopment potential. Crombie is CC'd on the cover letter in the development application.
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    Toronto | Forêt | 129.74m | 35s | Canderel | BDP Quadrangle

    Based on the project website, the heights are different compared to the Site Plan documents in the AIC.
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    Toronto | Regent Park: Daniels on Parliament | 88.25m | 25s | Daniels | superkül

    Now with marketing name and renderings:
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    Toronto | NueWest Condos | 15.55m | 4s | Gattaca | Z Square

    It appears that this is under new ownership again, and to be launched as a condo after all. Seems to be the same design.
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    Toronto | 2947 Bloor West | 29.2m | 7s | RioCan | RAW Design

    Does RioCan still own this site? Wonder if they will go condo or rental.