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    Toronto | 1303 Yonge | 43.3m | 11s | Aspen Ridge | BDP Quadrangle

    We need more buildings clad like this , but in the 15-30 story range too with stepbacks. Normally I dislike overhang over oversized retail units, but the arched edges soften it nicely
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    Toronto | Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    Im referring to the mullions dividing the spandrel. Why do developers (usually) feel a need to make the opaque aluminum mullions protrude from and clash so much with the glossy spandrel?
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    Toronto | Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    Is it that more expensive to install a window wall system similar to 310 Tweedsmuir "The Heathview" I saw those towers today in person, and they looked pretty nice. Hell, even a coat of brown paint on the bright aluminum mullions would make Nobu more tolerable.
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    Toronto | 330 Richmond | 93.57m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects

    330 is reasonably clean and respectable filler. I never cared much for the awkward proportions and random cutouts of Picasso (im referring to the condo building ofc, not the artists actual work) But the mustard yellow lo rise is next level bad.
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    Toronto | 1140 Yonge Street | 57m | 13s | Devron Developments | AUDAX

    I see what you mean but Im just thankful they didnt opt for modern picture windows.
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    Toronto | 25-55 St Clair Avenue East Building Rehabilitation | ?m | 11s | PSPC | DIALOG

    This is a tragedy. Planning has their priorities totally out of order.
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    Toronto | Theatre District Residence & Riu Plaza Hotel | 156.05m | 49s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    Judging from the render it will be used for the gap toothed section between the podium and tower (11-13th floors) The towers , worst case scenario, should have black spandrel that at least matches the mullions and wont be too noticeable from the ground.
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    Toronto | Ontario Line: Pape Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    Seems like wasted space to not incorporate it into a purpose built rental or mixed use tower.
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    Toronto | 16 Kirtling | 11.5m | 3s | Format Group | Richard Wengle

    I dont particularly care for the roof, picture windows or doors. I've definetly seen countless better designs from Wengle , it looks like his client in this case was very budget concious.
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    Toronto | One Delisle | 155m | 44s | Slate | Studio Gang

    I apologize if the plans have been clarified, but this would make for a nice underground connection to the subway.
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    Toronto | 1140 Yonge Street | 57m | 13s | Devron Developments | AUDAX

    Judging from the rendering, it looks like this is a temporary thing for the sales centre. I assume they want the sales centre to be presentable, without breaking the bank before the majority of the units have sold
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    U of T - The Gateway - 371 Bloor Street West

    I could definetly see the laneway north of Washington and backyards/garages of the Victorian homes being turned into a stacked townhome type development with taller midrises/highrises further north by the school
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    U of T - The Gateway - 371 Bloor Street West

    I hope those victorian homes on Washington Ave are preserved. The squat 50's /60s addition and parking lot should be demolished for 20-40 story mixed use buildings though.
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    Distrikt Station (217 Cross Av Oakville, Distrikt Developments, 50s, BDP Quadrangle)

    That podium is a window wall and balcony monstrosity! Absolutely hideous! The towers are not bad.
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    Toronto | 11 YV | 212.44m | 62s | Metropia | Sweeny &Co

    I wish the (limestone?) podium was taller. 4 floors is a bit stubby. 10-20 floors of limestone and punched windows would have done wonders for the street level experience. That being said, 11YV looks relatively promising as far as the Toronto condo scene goes - no goofy balconies or...
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Ah , yes. Im not shedding a tear over the old ketchup and mustard logos biting the dust.
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    You can expand underground parking and build parkade spaces under highrises and hotels without sprawl That being said, I think chasing an NFL team rarely pays off for cities economically
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    Toronto | 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    I agree this is some of the nicest glass I've ever seen in the city. It reminds me a lot of Shangri-La. Re: Recladding RBC/Ritz Id much rather put this hypothetical windfall towards (stripping to the studs & ) re-cladding 300 Front Street in decorative brick, terra cotta, stone /punched...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Im just relieved to see solid traditional lighting standards instead of minimalist toothpick poles It's going to really start looking good when some greenery is added .