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    Toronto | Eighty One Wellesley | 97.53m | 28s | Aragon Properties | Core Architects

    The quality of this one is better than I expected.
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    Toronto | The Bentway (was Under Gardiner) | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Of course, they chose the ugliest entries.... Sigh
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    Toronto | 354 Pape Avenue | 39.67m | 10s | Sigma | IBI Group

    I imagine this must be in the works... There's so many tracts of land near that station that are begging for redevelopment. Can't wait to see what's in store. What's there now is terrible.
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    Dreaming they apply to the C of A for more height and regain some of the original masssing on the basis of the OL station coming here.
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    Toronto | Rush Condos | 44.96m | 15s | Alterra | BDP Quadrangle

    This building would look much better if it continued the brick treatment throughout - they've already done so much of the building in it I can't imagine it would add a huge cost. It's also weird they extended the brick face to the top on the elevation that will most likely be blocked by...
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    Toronto | 320 Bay Modernization | ?m | 18s | Menkes | B+H

    Would be a cool spot for something like The Ned / Soho House.
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    171-175 Lowther (Reznik, ?s, ?)

    Whoa! Wonder what's in store here and across the street at the church bought by TAS. Used to live in 171, these are all pretty handsome Victorians.
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    Toronto | Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    What's the timing on the food hall opening?
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    1086 Yonge St (North Drive, ?s, ?)

    Finally - can't wait for this suburban plaza to go.
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    Toronto | 100 Davenport | 72m | 19s | Diamante Development | Scott Shields

    Why bother spending money on a schematic design if the City was unwilling to approve the building's massing and density? I don't debate we aren't planning experts... but if the City's idea of good planning is a thicker building that completely cuts off natural light to its neighbour on McAlpine...
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    Toronto | East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    Any plans in the works for the Booth Yards / Enbridge Lands?
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    Toronto | 452 Bathurst | 25.05m | 6s | Starbank Development Group | BDP Quadrangle

    I've always wondered who's been sitting on that...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    View from Waterworks.
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    Toronto | 45 Strachan | 131.97m | 39s | BentallGreenOak | Hariri Pontarini

    Going all spandrel for a rental building seems bizarrely dumb...
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    Toronto | Under Concord | 13.12m | 3s | Concord Adex | LGA Architectural

    Since we're stuck with the damn thing, this needs to happen throughout the entire extent of the Gardiner. Also why is it so hard to do have a decent public realm situation under it. Off topic, but what happened to that WT proejct? The state it's in is so bad it would cost so little just to at...
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    Bombardier Downsview Lands (Northcrest-Canada Lands, Henning Larsen)

    I beg to differ. Templehofer Feld in Berlin is a hugely successful and interesting public space: Mind you, it's surrounded by dense neighbourhoods.
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    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    There will be! A lot on Wellington directly south of the KING courtyard will become a park connecting the two projects.
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    Toronto | 1414 Bayview | 30.85m | 8s | Gairloch | a—A

    Demo ongoing today.