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    Suggestions for Christmas / Seasonal charities ?

    Hello gang. Yesterday, just one day after Hallowe'en, I was approached by a toys-for-charity bunch while I was grocery shopping. I got a bit upset and responded "too early for this". Maybe I reacted too harshly but I first of all wanted the time to consider where I will place any charity...
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    Who is your Fantasy Mayor?

    I'm really disappointed with the slate of candidates for 2014. Who is your fantasy mayor? Mine would be Anne Golden.
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    The "let's get Rob Ford a new job" thread.

    Rob Ford will need a new job after the election in October. I would suggest one of these: - filling potholes. I don't mean supervising, I mean actually shovelling hot asphalt into potholes with the rest of the crew; or perhaps - working in one of the transfer stations...
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    2013 Fantasies, anyone?

    We must have tired of all the Ford crap so let's change the channel. Anyone care to reveal their heart-on-the-sleeve fantasies for Toronto in 2013? Let 'er rip.
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    Another Grass-is-Greener Everywhere Else tête-à-tête-à-tête-à-tête

    Redroom Studios, I'd love to know what new buildings around the world you'd cite as examples that we should follow here in Toronto. Mine is a serious response to your post. From my standpoint, I believe that we do (basically) good architecture in Toronto. That said, I am getting annoyed at...
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    2012 predictions, anyone?

    2011 was a banner year for surprise announcements (in the skyscraper sense). Several 75 storey condos, rumours of 80 and 100 storey condos to come, even some office buildings. There has been nothing announced in the way of new parks or squares (alas) but we don't expect those frills in the...
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    Ontario election predictions, anyone?

    Does anyone care to go out on a limb somewhat and predict the outcome of the Ontario election? To this point, it has been expected that the PC party would win, and now the latest polls show that the Liberals are closing the gap. Of course, the NDP could perform well, too, and split the left...
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    Minorities in leadership positions.

    I have just retired. From the corporate world, in fact. From my observation I think this article rings very true. Does anyone care to comment...
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    Lisa Rochon for Mayor Lisa Rochon ("Cityspace") Globe and Mail, Saturday April 30, 2011 Stuck at the corner of Blah and Graceless in Toronto When you dial the Access Toronto number, 311, to...
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    The Star: Cohn: Ontario's debt is soaring, and province is falling behind

    Any comments on this? Cohn: Ontario's debt is soaring, and province is falling behind In his PowerPoint speeches, Premier Dalton McGuinty shows off a chart...
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    What will the next big thing be?

    Just musing, today. We've seen a lot of action in Toronto in the past decade. What will be the next big thing? There are lots of things just getting underway but we all know what those are: condos, condos, and more condos. Some dreams, while I've got time to kill: Will our new...
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    Pride 2010!

    Happy Pride week to my fellow queens and to the entire LGBT community. Toronto is indeed fit for this queen. My plan for the remainder of Pride Week is to simply celebrate our out existences, in this wonderfuly embracing city, and to forget all of the nasty crap that was visited upon us...
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    Tar Sands Blow

    Here's a cool little video about the Alberta Tar Sands: "Tar Sands Blow".
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    Issues - Toronto Civic Election 2010

    What do you think is the number one Toronto issue in the 2010 election? My opinion - Transit. We need more high capacity transit -- LOTS of it; it takes too long to get around this city, there are too many (one-person-occupied) cars on the roads, and people deserve an alternative to...
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    Harper Proroguing Parliament again

    Is this a "democracy" we have here, or what? I'm a bit surprised not to see any posts about this already, or maybe you're all thinking this is "business as usual". We're looking like a banana republic. Of course, the Governor General doesn't have to rubber-stamp this--will she...
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    Another new concert hall in Europe goes "vineyard"

    To those out there who watch concert hall architecture, an article about the new hall in Helsinki: There indeed seems to be a growing preference for the "vineyard" style of concert hall, moving away from the old "shoebox"...
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    Putting GTA on world map

    ... youtube entries like this will get us on the world map :eek:
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    Your favourite walk, please !!!

    Autumn, beautiful autumn is the best time in Toronto to take a walk. I LOVE the walk from Broadview & Danforth, south on Broadview, into Riverdale Park, over the footbridge, past the baseball diamonds, and finishing at the cobblestoned end of Carlton Street (entering my 'hood). What /...
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    Lisa Rochon: Toronto Street Furniture (Globe & Mail)

    Lisa Rochon has written so well here. I can't add a thing, she's spot on.
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    Any restaurant recommendations in Little Italy?

    Hi all -- am taking a friend out to dinner some night this week and we'd like to do College St., Italian ... any recommendatons? Medium price scale. Last time I was there was about four years ago, so I am not current about the good stuff. Thanks!