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    St. Lawrence Market lower level redevelopment

    The City is proposing to redevelop the lower level of St. Lawrence Market. I went to the Open House on this project on June 27, where the basics of the proposal were laid out. The main features include: Adding a second east-west through corridor to the south of the current one. Rationalizing...
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    "Mark thread as read" functionality

    Is there a way within Xenforo to mark a thread as read? I really liked that feature of the old forum system, as it made it very easy to see when there was new material in a given thread.
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    709-715 Queen St. E @ Broadview (Buckingham Properties) ON HOLD

    According to the Toronto Star, Buckingham Properties has assembled some properties at Queen St. E and Broadview (encompassing the site of the Real Jerk) for future condo development.