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    Toronto | 217 Adelaide West | 103.5m | 23s | Humbold Properties | Adamson

    Bousfields (planning consultant) is working with Humbold Properties on a rezoning application for 217 Adelaide according to the lobbyist registry. A meeting took place with Councillor Cressy earlier this week. This is right beside the 19 Duncan (219 Adelaide) redevelopment.
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    Brooks Road PS redevelopment (85 Keeler Blvd, Laurier Homes, 2s, ?) These applications proposes a 51-unit residential subdivision comprised of 25 detached residential lots and 26 semi-detached residential lots and a new 16.5 metre (54.1 foot) wide public street on a former school site at...
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    Toronto | Mila | 9.47m | 3s | Madison Group | Flanagan Beresford

    preliminary report agenda page This application proposes a zoning by-law amendment and a draft plan of subdivision application to demolish the...
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    Toronto | The Bluffs | 34.14m | 9s | Skale | RAW Design This application proposes to rezone the subject lands to facilitate the development of a 9-storey, mixed use building, containing 202 residential units, and 7 commercial/retail units at grade Developer is Shygon...
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    Metrolinx Unveils Next Wave of Big Move Projects

    Metrolinx Unveils Next Wave of Big Move Projects TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2012 /CNW/ - At an address today to the Toronto Board of Trade Metrolinx President and CEO Bruce McCuaig unveiled the next wave of projects...
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    Toronto | Vision at Pat Bayly Square | ?m | 25s | Medallion | IBI Group

    news release ppt staff report streetview...
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    Peterborough Area and Highway 7 Corridor studies The Ministry of Transportation is conducting a multi-modal, strategic transportation study of the Peterborough Area and of the Highway 7 Corridor from Peterborough to Carleton Place. The purpose is to provide a long-term perspective on the movement...
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    Veteran bureaucrat to take reins at Metrolinx

    Veteran bureaucrat to take reins at Metrolinx Deputy minister of transportation Bruce McCuaig to replace Rob Prichard Sarah Boesveld From Thursday's Globe and Mail...
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    Lansdowne Park - Ottawa (BBB Architects, Barry J. Hobin & Assoc., Cannon Design) City website for stadium/mixed use area The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) has unveiled the designs for the stadium and mixed-use area for the...
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    YRT/Viva Construction Thread (Rapidways, Terminals)

    VIVA Rapid Transit Construction Underway McGuinty Government and Partners Adding More Transit In York Region Construction is underway on 37 kilometres of dedicated bus lanes in York Region that will provide faster, more reliable service to commuters. It is...
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    Halton-Peel Freeway (MTO/Region of Peel, Proposal) Options for road network discussed Tuesday December 1 2009 About 70 people came out to a public information centre (PIC) in Brampton last week to learn more about a possible future road...
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    401 Widening: Hespeler to Halton

    Major expansion proposed for Highway 401 December 01, 2009 BY BRENT DAVIS, RECORD STAFF WATERLOO REGION — Highway 401 through Waterloo Region and Wellington County could look quite different if expansion proposals are adopted. Picture an artery that’s between eight and 12 lanes wide...
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    Places to Sprawl

    Renegade regions keep on sprawling Provincial plan being ignored, report finds Aug 14, 2009 04:30 AM Comments on this story (3) PHINJO GOMBU URBAN AFFAIRS REPORTER Several Golden Horseshoe municipalities are bucking Ontario's ambitious sprawl-busting plan by submitting local plans...
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    (Yonge) Dundas Square comes of age - Does it need a new name?

    Yonge-Dundas Square comes of age Posted: August 08, 2009, 1:13 PM by Rob Roberts Filed under: Kuitenbrouwer Yonge-Dundas Square has taken a long time to be born. Former mayor Mel...
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    Ontario Budget 2009 income taxes on lowest bracket go from 6.05 to 5.05% from the Star how likely is that metrolinx plan now? spending on infrastructure 2009-2010 - 2010-2011 Transit 1,687.1 1,505.9 Highway Construction 1,718.3 2,034.2 doh
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    Cornell a failure?

    Has Cornell been a failure? In Markham, the dream of an urban village that never was Posted: March 13, 2009, 9:36 PM by Barry Hertz Neighbourhoods, Urban Scrawl By Kathryn Blaze Carlson, National Post More than 10 years ago, a charismatic Cuban American architect embarked on a bold...
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    South Unionville Square (Kennedy n of 407, Mady Dev Corp, 12s, Turner Fleischer) COMPLETE
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    High-speed rail links urged for Ontario

    edit: this appears to be separate from the ON-QC study.... High-speed rail links urged for Ontario Economic success depends on network, report says December 20, 2008 SANDRO CONTENTA Toronto Star FEATURE WRITER A multi-billion-dollar high-speed rail system that links cities in the Greater...
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    Ontario Southern Highways Program 2008-2012

    Southern Highways Program also here's the Northern version