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    The Ashton (Oakville, Times Group Corporation, 9s, Icke Brochu Architects) Submitted for SPA following settlement before the OLT. Didn't see a thread for this.
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    2 & 4 Hanover Rd (Brampton, GWL Realty Advisors, 26 & 12s, IBI Group)

    Didn't see a thread for this one. Two rental infill projects. It was approved in 2020. SPA submitted. SPA-2020-0149 Proposed addition of two new residential buildings on site with associated underground parking. Building C is proposed at 28-storeys while Building D is proposed at 12-storeys.
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    407 Martha St (Burlington, Landform Development Group, 11s, SRM Architects) Proposed Development The applications propose the redevelopment of the site into an 11-storey residential building consisting of 130 units, resulting in a density of 407 units per hectare. The development proposes a total of 167...
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    2085 Pine St (Burlington, York Trafalgar Homes, 11s, ATA Architects) Proposed Development The applications propose the redevelopment of the site into an 11-storey building consisting of commercial and office units on the ground floor, and residential units...
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    535-551 Brant St (Burlington, Carriage Gate Homes, 25s, Turner Fleischer) File Numbers: 505-04/21 & 520-05/21 Proposed Development The proposal contemplates a mixed-use development, including a 25 storey tower (plus mechanical and rooftop outdoor amenity space) and a...
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    789-795 Brant St (Burlington, Camarro Group, 30s, RAW) Proposed Development The proposed concept for redevelopment of the Subject Lands currently provides for a mixed-use development consisting of one residential tower containing 307 residential units...
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    4274 Dundas St (Burlington, Millcroft Greens, 6s, Kirkor) Bit of a weird one, they are redeveloping the edges of a golf course. Various detached homes throughout the development concept plan, but this thread is dedicated to the 6-storey building they stuck on...
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    1860-1900 Appleby Line (Burlington, LJM Developments, 18s, RAW) Proposed Development The applications propose an 18 storey mixed-use building as Phase 1 of a multi-phase comprehensive mixed-use development of the property. The Phase 1 building proposes 440 square metres of...
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    284-292 Plains Rd E (Burlington, Corley Developments, 6s, SRM Architects) File Numbers: 505-07/21 & 520-08/21 The proposal contemplates the development of a 6-storey, 117 unit apartment building (including two-storey townhouse units and amenity area on the ground...
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    40-70 Plains Rd E (Burlington, Infinity Development Group, 10s, RAW) Development applications have been submitted to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a 10-storey residential apartment building with 360 units. File Numbers Official Plan...
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    1029-1033 Waterdown Rd (Burlington, Infinity Development Group, 29s, zedd Architecture) File Numbers: 505-09/21 & 520-10/21 The proposal contemplates the development of a 29-storey, 295 unit mixed-use building (1-bedroom and 2-bedroom models) with an overall proposed building...
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    355 Plains Rd E (Burlington, Coletara Development, 11 & 9s, SRM Architects) The proposed concept for redevelopment of the Subject Lands currently includes two mid-rise residential buildings with tower heights of 11 and nine storeys to the east and eight storeys to the...
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    Schlegel Villages Stouffville (SmartCentres, 2x12s & 6s, Anderson Wellsman) This is a joined retirement home and LTC facility project in Stouffville. Pretty dense too. More info here...
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    Holland Haus (Bradford West Gwillimbury, Isroc International, 8s, Romanov Romanov Architects)
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    1050-1090 Bronte St S (Milton, Manaman Group, 3x 6s, WZMH Architects)

    Project was approved in 2019. Manaman Group has the same address as Eastons/Gupta Group but that could just be a coincidence.
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    The Millhouse (Milton, Fernbrook Homes, 19, 15 & 15s, Architecture Unfolded) This project already launched a while ago. Construction probably will start next year. However, I don't think there is a thread on here.
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    Clarriage Court (Milton, Rinomato Group, 7s, BDP Quadrangle)
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    130 Thompson Rd S (Milton, Greenpark Homes, 31, 29 & 27s, ?)
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    Bronte St South Lands (Milton, Fieldgate Developments, 5x 11 to 15s) Application details The owner, 1045502 Ontario Limited and 1048605 Ontario Limited (known as Fieldgate Developments), is proposing a commercial and residential area with a total of 1,047 residential units...
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    Creekside Condos (Milton, York Trafalgar Homes, 3x 6s, ATA Architects)