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  1. ksun

    French cities

    So I have moved to France, at least for the next few years. Grenoble is a small city with only 180k people in the city or 600-700k in the metro area. I thought it would feel small before I came but it completely shocked me. This city has very grand boulevards, hundreds of exquisite Art Deco...
  2. ksun

    DT east neighbourhoods?

    When I look at the Downtown Toronto neighbourhood map, I am surprised by how few real neighourhoods DT east (bound by Yonge and Parliament) has. I mean the west seem to have plenty, but aside from St Lawrence Market and C/W Village, there doesn't seem to be any. (Corktown, Regent Park and...
  3. ksun

    Nelson Mandela St I think to give part of an existing street a new name is stupid. Queen E, Mandela St, then Queen W, that's hell is that? Plus Queen W is too well known with two subway stops on both side of Mandela St. I...
  4. ksun

    What should be considered a decent sized condo?

    It is not news that condos in Toronto are becoming smaller and smaller. However, I wonder, at what point the small size becomes just unacceptable? I live in a one bedroom condo which is 640 sf, with a very spacious livingroom, a bedroom big enough to fit a queen bed, two pretty wide night...
  5. ksun

    TTC: Fare system loopholes

    We all know how outdated TTC's fare system is. And based on my observation, this gives rise to considerable loopholes in terms of fare evasion. Let me give some examples here. 1) day passes In theory, it should only give two adults unlimited trips during weekend and holidays, but it can be...
  6. ksun

    What's your favourite non-Cantonese Chinese restaurant in downtown?

    China town is dominated by Cantonese style restaurants. But we all know that's just one kind of food among many in China. Have you tried any non-Cantonese Chinese restaurants downtown, and which one did you like most? We talk about downtown, or the Old City here, not including Scarborough...