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  1. K

    toronto in other cities

    this is on abbott street in the southwest of westmount (just above the ville-marie). as far as i know it's the only row of its type in montreal:
  2. K

    Toronto as #2

    i guess this is kind of one for the older forumers, but having just been to toronto, one of the things that i grew curious about was what the city felt like when montreal was still the first city of canada. toronto is now so much busier, so much more ambitious than my hometown that it's...
  3. K

    Montreal: Canada's most American city?

    riding through griffintown, the old port and up st. laurent this morning, i thought: i've had about enough of this "european" nonsense. montreal is canada's most american city, and here's why. - the built form: it has a skyscraper core that is comprised of offices, not condos, which quickly...
  4. K

    toronto is montreal

    so i just got back from toronto, a city that i have an ever-increasing love for and appreciation of. in the downtown core, it is noticeably larger, more worldly and prominent than montreal - yet in the neighborhoods it remains noticeable that is was fairly shabby and poor compared to here in the...