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Modernist Apartments a Rare Gem in Ontario's Cottage Country

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  1. ShonTron

    Rose Garden Residences (Brampton: 122-130 Main St N, ?, 23 + 25 + 27s, ?)

    New proposal for Downtown Brampton, located just north of the CN railway, across Main Street from the GO Station. http://www.brampton.ca/EN/City-Hall/Documents/Public%20Meeting%20Notices/2018/Item%209-%20Weston%20Consulting%20-%20Rose%20Garden%20Residences%20Inc.%20%20Ward%201.pdf Each of...
  2. ShonTron

    Shoppers World Brampton redevelopment (RioCan)

    Via Globe and Mail/Bloomberg: More at Bramptonist, a local source: http://bramptonist.com/shoppers-world-to-be-redeveloped/ The mall's GLA would be reduced from the current 781,067 sq ft. At its peak, the mall had Simpson's (later the Bay, now demolished with a Bad Boy on the site), Pascal's...
  3. ShonTron

    If one wants good deli sandwiches in a Sue-Ann Levy free environment...

    Head to Caplansky's! Zane Caplansky (@Caplansky) and Sewer-Ann Levy are having a wonderful twitter fight. SAL isn't happy that Caplansky - the classy Jewish owner of a very Jewish deli (perhaps not the smoked meat poutine) - is sponsoring the Palestinian film festival. SAL is at her worst. And...
  4. ShonTron

    Queen Street West (Brampton) Land Use Study

    While Georgia-Pacific (former Dixie Cup) at Queen and McMurchy is still a going concern, the City of Brampton is planning for the area's long-term future, including the eventual closure of that factory. The removal of the Dixie Cup railway spur also allows for some changes. It's a rather...
  5. ShonTron

    2014 Ontario Provincial Election

    Boom goes the dynamite. The New Democrats vote against the budget; election likely for June 12.
  6. ShonTron

    2014 Municipal Election: Brampton

    The mayoral race in Brampton is heating up. Not only is councillor John Sanderson running against long-time incumbent Susan Fennell, Liberal Cabinet Minister Linda Jeffrey, a former Brampton councillor, is running. Susan Fennell's time is up, thankfully.
  7. ShonTron

    2014 Municipal Election: Mississauga

    Looks like the race to replace Hazel McCallion has two front runners: Bonnie Crombie and Steve Mahoney. Interestingly, both are Liberals. Mahoney has been in politics in 1978 (same year McCallion became mayor) when he ran as a councillor. He was also an MP and MPP.
  8. ShonTron

    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    For discussion on the individual wards. To start, Peter Leon (Ward 3), appointed to replace Doug Holyday, is considering breaking his promise and running for council. Paul Ainslie pulled the same stunt (a conservative, appointed in near the end of the Lastman era) but ran in a neighbouring ward.
  9. ShonTron

    Mayor John Henry's Oshawa

    From the Toronto Star's Website: Oshawa votes to oust auditor general in wake of controversial report Excerpt from article by Jessica McDiarmid: There's two videos embedded in showing older gentlemen arrested by plain-clothes cops in Oshawa Council Chambers. In the shorter, non-YouTube...
  10. ShonTron

    33 Kennedy Rd S (Brampton, Mayfair Realty, 29s)

    This is a new highrise tower connected to an older 11 floor slab apartment building just east of Downtown Brampton. Nothing special, architecture appears mediocre (but not terrible). The only things that make this interesting is that this is an urban intensifcation project, using an old...
  11. ShonTron

    Back in the rental market, would like suggestions

    Due to a rather unfortunate cycling injury on my way to work on a nice, clear January day (long story short, I avoided being cut off by a pick-up and hit streetcar tracks, shattering my knee, for which I am still recovering. So I'm staying elsewhere for a few months, giving up my second-floor...
  12. ShonTron

    Calgary LRT West and Northeast Extensions

    I was in Calgary two weeks ago and took photos of the West and Northeast extensions of the C-Train network. The West LRT is something else. It will feature both the first elevated and tunneled LRT stations. The Sunalta station, elevated, will connect the far western end of the city centre and...
  13. ShonTron

    Moving company recommendations?

    I'm moving out of my apartment in North York and moving closer downtown. I'm just looking for a good, professional crew to move the furniture and heavy boxes, a cube van ought to be enough room to hold everything. There's enough horror stories in the moving business, so I'm looking for anyone...
  14. ShonTron

    Anyone remember the old, old Mississauga City Hall?

    The building is now demolished, but the old headquarters for Toronto Township, later the Town of Mississauga, was located in a modern building in Cooksville. I was looking for these pictures, taken in 2008, before, but finally found them. I believe it was the City Hall for the new City of...
  15. ShonTron

    Blast from the Past: Consumers Distributing in Don Mills

    I clearly remember Consumers Distributing, as it was in my local mall growing up. I remember how it brought the Soviet shopping experience to Canadians - fill out form, wait in line, find out item was not in stock. In the early 1990s, it tried to rebrand itself with a new logo and...
  16. ShonTron

    Proposed Regional Mall (Brampton, Mississauga & Bovaird; Osmington Inc; multi-use)

    This item is up for debate at Brampton's Planning and Development Committee: http://www.brampton.ca/en/City-Hall/meetings-agendas/PDD%20Committee%202010/20100908pdd_G3.pdf The plan is for a regional shopping mall (over 1,000,000 square feet) plus outdoor lifestyle shopping, offices, condos...
  17. ShonTron

    The Renaissance of Downtown Kitchener

    It has been a while since I posted a full photo thread, but I spent a day last week wandering around Kitchener-Waterloo by foot and bus. I am really impressed with some of the stuff going on in Downtown Kitchener. Here's some highlights from the photos I took (many more are on Flickr)...
  18. ShonTron

    Gondolas as Urban Transit

    I was at a very interesting small-group session this evening where the topic was discussing the role of cable-car technologies in urban setting, but specifically aerial tramway/gondola systems as public transit (as opposed to as the traditional roles of ski lifts or tourist transports; an...
  19. ShonTron

    A good angle of MCC - Central Pkwy and Confederation Blvd

    I'm not the biggest MCC fan, but I did fine one of the most striking angles from it, where all the condo towers rise from 1980s sprawl, at Central Parkway and Confederation Blvd. But what I really don't get are the pay-and-display meters further north. There's lots of "free"...
  20. ShonTron

    Transit Project Threads

    Bear with us, there will be some re-organization of the various project threads, starting with Transit City, but also including the SRT replacement, Spadina York U-Vaughan Subway extension, and GO and suburban projects. We hope this will be more intuitive for casual readers as well as those...