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    Eglinton Square mall

    Does anybody have any old pictures of this aging tired mall? I know it was the jewel of the Golden mile at one point. Now it’s just a row of discount stores with and a sad looking food court. I would be interested to see it before conversion to and indoor mall, or pictures just after the...
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    Victoria Village

    This area seems to be the forgotten cousin of Don Mills. I have been told it was build around the same time using the same sort of planned community development. Going alone Eglinton I'm starting to see signs of redevelopment, new condos big box stores and a very sad looking Golden Mile...
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    Coxwell Sanitary Trunk Sewer Bypass If Don Valley pipe collapses, raw sewage would spill into river Jan 01, 2009 04:30 AM Comments on this story (7) John Spears City Hall Bureau A huge sewer line buried beneath the Don Valley has cracked, and city officials are...