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    Spaces Self Storage (356 Eastern Av @ Lewis, 5s, ?) COMPLETE

    does anyone know what is being done on Eastern just east of Broadview, north side, site of the former Swedish motors? they demolished the old building about 2 weeks ago and ever since there has been feverish work on site, surprised i haven't ready anything anywhere about it sorry i can't be...
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    Broadview Hotel | 29m | 7s | Streetcar | ERA Architects COMPLETE

    A friend told me today that he heard that the building that houses Jilly's, at the corner of Queen & Broadview, had been bought by the owners of the Drake Hotel, presumably to do something similar in the east end. i know this rumour was floating around a couple of times in the last couple of...
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    OCAD U: Digital Futures Centre (205 Richmond St W, 7s, KPMB/Kohn-Shnier) COMPLETE

    OCAD just bought the building at 205 Richmond St W (SE corner of Richmond and Duncan) for campus expansion
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    You think Toronto's got problems?

    India's commercial capital Maximum city blues Aug 30th 2007 | MUMBAI From The Economist print edition Great plans are in place to resuscitate South Asia's biggest city. As ever, the difficulty lies in implementing them THERE is only one way to see Mumbai. That is by helicopter...
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    Dundas Street Reconstruction

    can someone answer a question about the Dundas Street TTC reconstruction project for me? how come they don't appear to be digging up and replacing the asphalt and reconstructing all the sidewalks as part of the project? For the King and College projects they did this and the streets look so...
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    Globe: What's wrong with Toronto? Nothing a good mayor couldn't fix

    What's wrong with Toronto? Nothing a good mayor couldn't fix By MARGARET WENTE Tuesday, May 29, 2007 – Page A17 If you haven't visited Chicago lately, I highly recommend it. The city is bursting with energy and drive. The public spaces gleam. The downtown is a feast of...