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    Bike Rack in Individual Condo Parking Lot: Good idea?

    My condo is giving owners the option of getting the following bike racks (below) installed (at owner's expense, of course) in our individual parking spots. It seems like a good idea, but I'm wondering if having a personal bike rack would add value to my condo if I decided to sell it in the...
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    Toy Factory Lofts Condos (Lanterra Developments) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone have any opinions about the Toy Factory Lofts? I'm considering buying a unit, but have heard a few bad things: poor soundproofing between floors lengthy delays in registering (it's been over a year) most units lack the "hard" loft feel: exposed bricks, wood beams Is this...
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    Lofts & Pets

    I'm looking to buy a loft in the fall/winter 2008, and I'm considering getting a pet now (a parrot). Does anyone know if there are many pet-friendly loft buildings out there? If they are few and far between, then, I guess, I won't get a pet.