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    King East Condos (Lamb Development, Hyde Park, Sher Corp ) - Real Estate -

    Is anybody finding maintenance fees overwhelming? Section 37 allow developers to build in all sorts of costs for the surrounding ammenities - even pavement -- and burden the condo owner with them in the future. Is anybody finding these increases to their maintenance fees overwhelming? I...
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    King East Condos (Lamb Development, Hyde Park, Sher Corp ) - Real Estate -

    Contact me: Anybody in this thread. I would love to talk to you. I am working on a film about condo development in Canada. Yvette Brend Bountiful Films
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    How Many Months to Build A Town-Home?

    I am searching for somebody who has bought and just taken possession of a condo - at the stage where not everything is finished. Is anybody in that position in downtown Toronto? We are looking for a person in that situation to interview for a documentary on condos that will air on CBC. Can...
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    Does anybody live in CityPlace I could talk to? I'm trying to find owners or renters in the Optima building. -- Or any CityPlace building who can speak honestly about life there. Feel free to reply.
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    Where to invest in dt toronto?

    Thank you! Thanks so much for this it's very helpful. I would like to connect with a CityPlace resident willing to chat further about pros and cons of the development. I'm working on a documentary about condo living. Please contact me at:
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    Where to invest in dt toronto?

    How about CityPlace? Does anybody have an thoughts? I'd love to talk to somebody who has invested - or lived (or lives) there.
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    Transit City Plan

    We are working on a film about the densification of Canadian cities -- the dream of condo life and how it's working out in reality. We would love to talk to people who live in the Murano or Festival Towers or one of the similar vertical villages to tell their story. Take us from that day in...
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    Searching for Toronto condo owners -- with a story to tell

    Hello! I work with an amazing award-winning documentary maker. We are working on a film all about where people want to live. We are looking around the world at some of the must innovative new vertical villages being built - as the city enjoys a renaissance like never before. We want to...