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    1 Bedroom in King East/St. Lawerence Market Area (Vu Condo included)

    Hi Will, there are currently 12 units for sale at the Vu Condos. Message me and I can personally send you a link to all available assignment sales there. Cheers, karolina
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    Thinking of a 2 Bedroom Downtown Condo

    Hi Veronica, several factors will affect the price of the condo you want to you need parking, do you want a newer building, balcony, high floor, ect. Currently, newer 2 bedroom condos in the downtown area start at $325,000 with parking (they go down if you don't require a...
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    Couple Buying Investment Properties

    Hi! An individual is considered a first-time homebuyer if neither the individual nor the individual's spouse or common-law partner owned and lived in another home in the year of the home purchase or in any of the four preceding calendar years. So, because they are married, they cannot...
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    Thoughts on this 2Bed+Den? (Discovery)

    Normally with such a long breakfast bar (kitchen island), you could put some great bar stools there, but with the space being used as the main thoroughfare to the live/dine and master bedroom, it will make it difficult. The separation of the 2 bedrooms is great.
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    Check out my new Toronto Condo and Loft Guide Website! www.

    Check out my new Toronto Condo and Loft Guide Website! www.
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    Looking for an affordable hard loft....west of Bathurst

    Hi there, definitely agree that when the right home comes around for will be yours! Patience is key. Here is a list of some other lofts in Toronto... Let me know if you want any other info! Thanks, Karolina
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    Critique this unit.

    I've been in a couple of these units and think they are a great alternative to one-floor condo living. You tend to feel as if you have a larger space because the bedrooms are on another level. Looks like hardwood on the main floor and decent maintenance fees! Rooftop terrace is awesome!
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    looking for a condo?

    Also, please take a look at a new site launched, Cheers!
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    Looking to buy... could use some input.

    Hi there! just joined and saw your post...are you still looking for some help in your condo search or have you already bought? Let me know, would be happy to help! You can also just view the site I recently Cheers, k