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Revised Phase one of Wynford Green Reviewed by Toronto's DRP

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  1. W. K. Lis

    Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

    They do make safety sneakers. With steel toes and midsoles. For men and women.
  2. W. K. Lis

    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    Wouldn't ostriches be faster? From link.
  3. W. K. Lis

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    Miller came after Lastman. Lastman came after amalgamation and after the killing of Network 2011. Network 2011 was... From link. Which included a Downtown Relief Line, an Eglinton West Subway, a Sheppard Subway, and an extension to the Scarborough Rapid Transit. What Miller wanted to do was...
  4. W. K. Lis

    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    A reminder on how to use pedestrian signals...
  5. W. K. Lis

    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    The Valley Park Middle School is on the northeast corner of Overlea and Don Mills. Since Doug Ford does not think much of education, the province may just tear down that school and put up a new one that includes a station entrance.
  6. W. K. Lis

    Mayor John Tory's Toronto

    You're forgetting that Toronto City Hall is a "child" of Queens Park. Especially with a bully like Doug Ford at the province's helm, Doug can and does what he wants.
  7. W. K. Lis

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    Meanwhile... MTA shows off new tap-based OMNY pay system that will replace MetroCard From link.
  8. W. K. Lis

    Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

    Personally, the corners of (former) Highway 5 from Bloor Street West to and from Dundas Street West will likely have wide corners. (Should number it Regional or City Road 5 within Toronto. Yonge Street should be Regional or City Road 11.)
  9. W. K. Lis

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT: Mount Dennis Station and EMSF | ?m | 3s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    We should have a cutdown of streets filled to the top and asphalted to the full width at the underground stations.
  10. W. K. Lis

    President Donald Trump's United States of America

    My comment of the Mueller Report: From link.
  11. W. K. Lis

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    I'm sure that an automobile from the same time period would also bring out admirers and critics. From link.
  12. W. K. Lis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Galileo Galilei books could be the first books to go. Doug Ford and Ford Nation can't have any of those books in libraries. An index of prohibited books will be next.
  13. W. K. Lis

    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Union Station is basically undergoing a renovation. Just like Notre-Dame de Paris. While Notre-Dame has undergone many, many renovations over the 8 centuries, because of the fire this past week, they will definitely have to spend more than the $6.8 million they had budgeted for it. See link...
  14. W. K. Lis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    It's not just education that Doug Ford has a dislike with, he has a dislike against libraries as well. A carryover from his City of Toronto Councillor days. Budget cut a sign that Doug Ford’s contempt for libraries persists From link. Maybe if the libraries had more picture books?
  15. W. K. Lis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Mayor Tory calls province’s cuts to Toronto Public Health ‘a targeted attack’ on the city See link. Coming soon, to a neighbourhood near you: Walkerton Version 2.0 (Now with Doug Ford.)
  16. W. K. Lis

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    "The TTC warned that the decals may not always line up exactly with the doors, as this portion of Line 1 is not on the Automatic Train Control signal system, which would ensure the trains always stop in the exact same position." There are numbers under the platforms to help operators to line...
  17. W. K. Lis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Maybe instead of Maple Leaf shirt, Drake should be wearing a "Team Ford" or similar T-shirt in the Queens Park gallery? From link. Maybe put the "Drake curse" on the PC's. From link.
  18. W. K. Lis

    Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris) Fire

    The effort to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral could get help from an unlikely source: A video game From link. Notre-Dame Cathedral in the 2014 video game "Assassin's Creed Unity."
  19. W. K. Lis

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Doug Ford threatens to change expiry date for Ontario teachers’ contracts From link. Doug Ford to change the expiry dates on bread and milk to make them last longer.
  20. W. K. Lis

    Cycling infrastructure (Separate bike lanes headed downtown)

    Since Doug Ford is so emphatic about having the light rail grade separated from automobile traffic, wonder if that includes bicyclists. There seems to be nothing from the province level about cycling infrastructure. The city may have to go on its own in building superhighways for bicyclists...