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    Widesuites (Conservatory Group) - Real Estate -

    I checked couple of corner units, facing south/east/ All I have to say amazing layout, view of the lake. waw After 4 years of waiting, I am impressed with what I saw. Lobby is alright, the location is great, but the view You have to see it to believe. it. 3 balcony one for living room, 1 for...
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    condo closing question

    I purchased a condo from builder. occupancy date is set for March 8 2011. Do I need a Mortgage for this date or I just pay the balance I owe to builder? Do I have to open a account for hydro right away? How long It usually takes the builder to transfer the title to my name? Can I get a line of...
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    looking to join a brokerage

    First of all I would like to take this opportunity to say Hi to all forum members. My name is Yama Saighani, Lived all my life in Mississauga area. Now my Question/opinion? I am in process of final stage to get my license as Real Estate Representative/agent. I am starting my 2 week course...