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    Toronto | Parliament & Co | 41.45m | 11s | Downing Street | Kohn

    No official application yet... Downing Street Capital and Kohn Partnership Architects Inc. have partnered in the design and development of an exciting new mixed-use development located in Toronto’s trendy Corktown District. The project will feature office, livework and residential spaces in a...
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    Toronto | 245 Queen Street East | 94.15m | 25s | ONE Properties | Graziani + Corazza

    It looks like WAM development has plans for this stretch of Queen St east. According to a recent BisNow article: In Toronto, WAM has two downtown sites staked for development. On the south side of Queen east of Sherbourne, it’s assembled nearly 10 parcels, including a car dealership, to form...
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    What is our obsession with balconies? Particularly balconies that jut out. Is there a building code requiring them? I get that they are a piece of the outdoors in the sky... But I find them really heavy and messy. I prefer recessed balconies. Although, I wish solariums would make a...