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    Any good self-storage options?

    I have a guy at Danforth and Main If you pre pay for a year there would probably be a hefty discount
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    Best Strategy to limit selling cost (and what is the real selling cost) ?

    5% to list a condo that will sell is a bit steep For this type of unit you can get the rate down 3-4% shop various agents dont pay the 5%!!1 PS Im a Realtor and will do it for less
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    Insurance Thread (condo/home/rental)

    I work as an underwriter for one of the top 3 insurers in Canada At our company 3 units in one home with 3 unrelated people is a commercial risk. Its pretty much a triplex legal or not Direct writers like Td, RBC etc do not have anything to deal with these type of things because they are...
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    Summerside built by Mattamy

    Im looking to get a family member into one of these units, was wondering if anyone lives here or there general thoughts of this project are? I seem to notice a few of these units on MLS at the moment, specfically the low ride condo units Mattamy tends to have a good name in the industry...
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    Summer of Scarborough

    Cant forget Scarborough Rib Fest Anywhere in Scarborough from VP to say even Kennedy and Egg up to 401 is great People hear Scarborough they assume "All ghetto" You would be surprised to know theres lots of 1million dollar homes in the areas I just mentioned
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    Add me to the 684 Warden list, What do you think about the 2 plus 1...

    Add me to the 684 Warden list, What do you think about the 2 plus 1 with one bath or the 2 bed 2 bath's what are a good price for those? Have you had any people put in offers ?
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    684 Warden Ave

    Looking for a 1 plus Den with parking
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    Where are the flat-fee MLS listing services?

    I know of someone who will do a flat 3.2% total 2.5 to the buyer and .07% to the listing agent in Toronto That is the closest I have seen to discounted. Seems alright
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    New subway line announced.....Real Estate Opportunity?

    With the new subway expansion announced and scheduled to be completed by 2020 does anyone think there may be some good oppertunites to buy some Real Estate in particular areas that will end up having TTC stop or subway right at door step? Im just thinking anything along Eglinton/Sheppard...
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    800 square foot basement apartment - 2 bedroom granny suite. How much would rent be?

    The bungalo main floor is about 1150sqf , so I would estiamte the basement apartment portion is about 550-650 sqf. The kitchen is a "kitchenette" (not even a real kitchen its a livingroom/kitchen combo, living room has a nice raised laminate wood flooring. Not sure about the height im about...
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    800 square foot basement apartment - 2 bedroom granny suite. How much would rent be?

    Im renting out my basement at Warden/Lawrence no laundry for $650 all in, with cable and internet. (not legal mind you ) From my experince people dont want to live in a "basement" and my basement was very bright, high ceiling and newly renoed I think the cost of rent being so low gives...
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    Downtown Condo Help

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    Boutique Condos (Urban Capital, Malibu Investments, Alit) - Real Estate -

    That's awsome thanks, I will have a read it may be what Im looking for
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    Boutique Condos (Urban Capital, Malibu Investments, Alit) - Real Estate -

    126 Simcoe St Been looking for a one bedroom downtown for a while, and notice a MASS amount of units listed at this addy What does everyone know/think about this project/area/development? Seems like there could be some value in it for someone in my position Thanks
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    Downtown Condo Help

    Thanks for the honest feedback What units will be coming avail in 2011? I mean which buildings/projects are near completion that will be done in '11 that fit my range?
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    Downtown Condo Help

    Looking for the following: 1 bedroom or more with parking ideally around 600sqf or more Location below Bloor, very close to any subway station (walking distance only) Condo fee's $350ish or less Newer building >10 years old Out the door for $300k max Assignments closing in...
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    Is it a good idea to join a branch of a brokerage that just opened?

    Im looking for a broker too, newly licensed
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    Need Job Help....

    Use this job as a good reminder that staying in school getting a degree and a real job is the key to your happyness How many crappy summer jobs did I do? Meat cutting factory Digging pools Slave for construction company All reminded me to stay in uni and get a freakin career because...
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    Keller Williams Realty

    Who are they and whats there deal? Someone told me are a quazi pyrimad system? Does anyone work for them?