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  1. J

    Immediately looking to buy for 2011/2012!!

    Looking for a one bedroom (+den/study a bonus) condo that will be ready for 2011/2012. Must include parking. Looking in the Parklawn/Lakeshore/all the way down to liberty village. Budget is $240,000 (flexible) please email
  2. J

    Please help new buyer

    sorry, i am buying for pre construction.
  3. J

    Please help new buyer

    Hey thanks for the reply, Well ya i don't mean to offend anyone, but for instance i need reasons to justify myself asking for a lower price. so if i have 2 condos one with a balcony and one without one that's more in price shouldn't i be able to use that as a reason to ask for a lower price...
  4. J

    Please help new buyer

    I am looking at a couple places (condo) and have some meetings set up. ( in the Parklawn/Lakeshore area) One place - saying it's the last one bedroom they have left. Another place has couple options but not much left. My big question is in reality what is negotiable? Trying to lower the...