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    Donlands area?

    Does anyone live (or has recently lived) in the Donlands area? Seems like it has turned around, has a number of good shops in the area... I know there is some planned TTC construction in the area to add a 2nd entrance to the donlands subway station.. What do you like or dislike about the...
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    Overnight visitor parking?

    Basically everywhere in downtown Toronto has no parking after midnight. For those of you living in houses/semi's in Toronto, what do you do with your guests who may stay the night or at least late - past midnight?
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    Semi-detached... noise issues?

    As I am looking to buy a house in toronto just about 95% of the ones that suit my requirements end up being semi-detached houses. I prefer detached but I don't think I'm particularly off-put by a semi. My concern, however - is what I might not know. I currently live in a ~3 year old condo...
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    Am I crazy to buy a house?

    I am currently young and single - and I'm looking to buy a house. Certainly there are a lot of people buying condos but having rented a condo for a while I have decided it's not for me. On the flip side, a house can be pretty big. The only addition I foresee is a dog - but am I wrong in...
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    Neighbourhood "map" with info?

    I am looking to buy a house in downtown Toronto and have come to realize I don't really know all that much about the various pockets of Toronto. Is there any tool or easy way to find out more information about a specific area? - Types of residents (young, familes, ethnicity, etc.) - Nearby...