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    Downtown Brampton Reimagined (HDR + DTAH + Moon-Matz)

    Several downtown streets in Brampton were getting ripped off for water and sewer works by the Region of Peel, so the city has decided to tack on their long-proposed streetscaping project on top (I mean, it makes sense that if you're ripping something up, you might as well reassemble it nicer)...
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    Toronto | Atlas Healthcare | ?m | 6s

    LINK TO REPORT, PAGE 61 A new 6 storey medical office building at 241 Queen Street East, in Brampton with 12,344 square metres of floor space and 553 spaces in a 3 storey parking garage. We don't know who the architect is. Urban planning provided by Weston Consulting. Zoning bylaw amendment...
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    Brampton: Queen Street RT

    Seems like it's about time to create this thread. The City of Brampton is embarking on its Queen Street Masterplan Study to determine whether to put BRT, LRT, or a combination on the Queen Street corridor. LINK HERE City is studying Queen Street from McLaughlin Road to Highway 50. ----------...
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    Toronto | Symphony Condominiums | ?m | 23s | Inzola | GAT Arch

    Cumberland Developments, owned by prolific (and in recent years, controversial) Brampton developer John Cuttruzola, is proposing a new mixed-use development just north of the new Peel Memorial Health Centre. This is at the corner of Queen Street East and Lynch Street, just east of Downtown...
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    Brampton Springdale Library and Community Park | 1s | RDH Architects |

    This is at the northeast corner of Bramalea Road and Dewside Drive, and has been partly paid for by a developer to build townhouses instead of the zoned commercial (there still is a commercial big box development directly south of this site). This library has been promised for a few years now...
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    Roads/MTO: Highway 427 Transitway (Proposed)

    I came across this in March, but never posted about it. From link: Link to the TESR. Technically preferred alternative:
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    Queen/McVean, Brampton (Kirkor Architects, 19s + 14s + 6 x 8s + 3 x 1s)

    Out on the Queen Street, massive multi-use development proposed for the northeast corner of Queen and McVean. See here for the Brampton report. Planned floor space for retail, office, restaurant, hotel, live-work, retirement, and residential condo units. Split into 11 buildings in the box...
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    Queen's Square (247 Queen St E, Brampton, 15s, Kohn Partnership Architects) COMPLETE

    I've been busing past this site for a few weeks now. Right at the corner of Queen Street and Hanson Road South. The site has been dug up. It's a public housing building, with a partnership between Kohn, Supporting Housing in Peel (SHiP), and Martinway Development, with funding from the Region...
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    95 + 99 Kennedy Road S (Brampton, Eldomar investments, 20 + 15s, ?)

    This popped in the upcoming Brampton Planning and Development Committee Agenda: HERE - 95 & 99 Kennedy Road South, and 3, 5, 7 & 7A Research Road - One tower would be 20 storey with a four storey podium, the other 15 storeys with a 4 storey podium - Residential with ground storey retail