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    Summerside built by Mattamy

    Im looking to get a family member into one of these units, was wondering if anyone lives here or there general thoughts of this project are? I seem to notice a few of these units on MLS at the moment, specfically the low ride condo units Mattamy tends to have a good name in the industry...
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    684 Warden Ave

    Looking for a 1 plus Den with parking
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    New subway line announced.....Real Estate Opportunity?

    With the new subway expansion announced and scheduled to be completed by 2020 does anyone think there may be some good oppertunites to buy some Real Estate in particular areas that will end up having TTC stop or subway right at door step? Im just thinking anything along Eglinton/Sheppard...
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    Downtown Condo Help

    Looking for the following: 1 bedroom or more with parking ideally around 600sqf or more Location below Bloor, very close to any subway station (walking distance only) Condo fee's $350ish or less Newer building >10 years old Out the door for $300k max Assignments closing in...
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    Keller Williams Realty

    Who are they and whats there deal? Someone told me are a quazi pyrimad system? Does anyone work for them?
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    Lots of units for sale in the Bayview and Eglinton areas............

    Especially notice on MLS Barberry PL and Rean Drive What do you guys think of these buildings/prices any issues?
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    How much more does the HST really cost a first time home buyer?

    As I see many talking about the rush to avoid the HST and make a move prior to the 1st of July What are the additioanl costs to a first time home buyer? I understand the fee's relating to the agent, laywer and other small fee's like title, survey etc Is there anything BIG that im missing?
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    Looking for a 1 bedroom condo in Toronto

    I am looking for a condo, I have an agent agreement that expires Jan 31,2010 I am unhappy with the level of service I am receiving. Since I am doing everything myself I figured why not post this here. Please no friendly e mails, if you can help with a unit you have we are going to have a...
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    Loft hunting.......where to look

    Looking for a resale or near completed loft east of Yonge Ideally near the Eatons Centre Any links?
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    Condo fees in 20 years......

    Is it to be expected that condo fee's just go up and up and up? I mean in theory even a well managed building after 15-20 years wouldnt the fee's be expensive ? Roof, updates, etc would always cost money. How can people buy condos for long term with the chance of there condo fee's...