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  1. adHominem

    Legacy Art Project - Inspired by Terry Fox

    There's the "Terry Fox Miracle Mile", which loops around Canoe Landing park in Cityplace (two loops = one mile). There's ten lightboxes along the route that have photos of meaningful objects/people/moments from the Marathon of Hope (his arrival in Toronto, one of his worn-through socks, the...
  2. adHominem

    Toronto | 11 YV | 212.44m | 62s | Metropia | Sweeny &Co

    You mean the Pemberton site to the west (with the orange tarps)? That's a completely separate project, different developer. As far as I can remember there's no provision for a concourse level in either project, so no underground connection to each other.
  3. adHominem

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    So I should stop holding out hope for the triumphant return of one Charles Entertainment Cheese, then
  4. adHominem

    10 Dundas East (former Toronto Life Square, Ent Prop Trust, 10s, Baldwin & Franklin)

    To nitpick: the Around the Bay 30K is a running race, not a bike race. (Although I often wish I could hop on a bike around the 20K mark!) These pics are a lot of fun – thanks for posting them! The attention to detail is impressive; hopefully they can hang on until tourism is a thing again.
  5. adHominem

    Toronto | York University: School of Continuing Studies | 29.26m | 5s | York University | Perkins&Will

    I think I'm with Edward on this one. The cladding is a let-down, making the building look much more conservative than it actually is. Some bright colour – or at least some variation in shades – would help highlight the wild angles, rather than disguise them.
  6. adHominem

    GO Transit: Davenport Diamond Grade Separation

    Meanwhile, work continues on the Bloor Street bridge. They’ve dug out a fair portion of the abutment on the south side, as well as a surprising amount of the road.
  7. adHominem

    Toronto | XO Condos | 63.4m | 17s | Lifetime | Core Architects

    When you shoot most of the centipede but then the last little segment starts scurrying to the bottom of the screen.
  8. adHominem

    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    To be fair, Shoppers always block their own windows with vinyl advertising clings, so this is actually an improvement.
  9. adHominem

    Toronto | Oben Flats Sherbourne | 47.6m | 15s | Oben Flats | superkül

    Alternatively, let's send all conservatives to Cape Dorset. Sure it'll be chilly at first, but I'm sure the captains of self-reliance will pull themselves up by their bootstraps in no time. I can't believe you bumped a year-dormant thread for no reason other than to hate on poor people.
  10. adHominem

    Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 114.9m | 35s | Cityzen | a—A

    The SCP Wiki is a collaborative fiction site that's been running for at least a decade, about tales of the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization dedicated to studying and containing paranormal/alien/extradimensional phenomena. It's a great read, if you like mashups of sci-fi, urban fantasy...
  11. adHominem

    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Designers usually reach for mixed-case on signage – research has shown it to be more legible, possibly because lower-case letterforms are much more varied – the ascenders and descenders mean that from afar (or in low light, or for people with low vision), words have distinctive shapes, as...
  12. adHominem

    Toronto | 33 Davies | 92.28m | 19s | First Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    You're right, and the pressure might already be starting? The building that houses Jam Factory and Merchants of Green Coffee (2 Matilda) has also been recently sold, apparently; Jam Factory is vacating: This is a hella strikiing...
  13. adHominem

    Toronto | Artistry Condos | 103.5m | 29s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    There goes the neighbourhood.
  14. adHominem

    King-Spadina Public Realm Strategy

    I used to work nearby and have sat here on a coffee break on a couple of occasions. The finishes are nice – the paving is quite cute, and it's a secluded little spot. You're right, "park" is a misnomer – they probably should have called it a "square". As far as "how it's used" – the answer, in...
  15. adHominem

    Toronto | Time and Space Condos | 101.8m | 29s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    Trying to deliver an attractive building. Look at that street-level cladding. It's the cladding equivalent of showing up to work wearing a stained bathrobe and a novelty T-shirt that reads "Who cares, I give up".
  16. adHominem

    660 Richmond Street W

    Possibly not for long; there was a story on BlogTO recently that the Geary space might get sold to some homophobic, scammy "church".
  17. adHominem

    Toronto | Yonge & Rich Condominiums | 156.35m | 46s | Great Gulf | a—A

    Is that... a freshly-added replica ghost sign?
  18. adHominem

    Toronto | 221 Sterling | 95.5m | 29s | First Capital | Turner Fleischer

    Very much agree – this pocket is really great, and these sorts of spaces that are affordable and work well for artists and artisans are vanishing fast from the city. (Thinking offhand of the warehouse at Dupont and Ossington, the coffin factory on Niagara, the workshops and spaces that used to...
  19. adHominem

    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Sorry, but some of the construction equipment has been on-site for so long it's now heritage. That's the Sir John A Memorial Bobcat.