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  1. J

    Looking for a 1bd or 1bd+1 Assignment sale in king west

    Looking for a 1bd or 1bd+1 Assignment sale in king west area with occupancy within the now and next june . budget is about $680k max. please let me know if anyone has any for sale in the new condos currently being built around king st and portland and surrounding area.
  2. J

    Please help with survey about Toronto Condos..

    I figured I would put this forum section here since this is where the most traffic is. My team is doing research on Toronto/GTA condos for a class project and need your help to better understand the condo market. If you OWN or RENT a condo in the GTA, please fill out the survey. The survey...
  3. J

    South Hill on Madison (the Burnac Group) - Real Estate -

    anyone have an idea when the townhouses will be rleased and at what pricepoint they start?
  4. J

    Edition Richmond (Curated Properties) - Real Estate -

    anyone have any idea what the pricing of this project might be?
  5. J

    Canterbury Lawrence Park Townhomes (Tribute Communities) - Real Estate -

    Not sure if am allowed to start a thread on a project or notify the moderators but i f ound no thread about this project. Units are selling from low $700,000 to $1million. Agents claim sales have been going well. Just wondering what peoples opinion are with regards to the project and property...
  6. J

    thinking about much can I expect to walk away with?

    Bought for $342,000. put 20% down ($68,400). Now selling for $380,000-420,000. Assuming I sell and get $380,000, how much can i expect to walk away with after the sale and penalties etc given the following factors. Mortgage Balance: $270,242.03 Maturity Date: June 22, 2016 Term: 5 years...
  7. J

    would you sell?

    Am a young dude....relatively speaking that is. 2 yrs away from 30. long term goal is to own nice investments across the city... preferably a positive income generating rental complex. Bought a townhouse in North York (weston/sheppard) last year before construction for $340k. Only $20k down...
  8. J

    where to find rental complex for sale?

    I haven't had much luck on mls at all, and on the internet period. Can anyone steer me in the right direction if am looking to buy buildings like a 6-20 apartment complex for example. thanks just1time
  9. J

    Toronto | Brownstones at Westown | ?m | 4s | Lindvest Properties | RN Design

    I have searched and searched the entire website for this project but could not seem to find it anywhere. I stopped by the sales center today. I was curious to see this project that I had seen on hold for years. The town homes, semi-detached and detached homes seem to be well received. I am...
  10. J

    any townhouse or condo townhouse preconstruction in gta?

    i have searched the and all i would like to know if there are any preconstruction townhouses in the downtown area. all it seems to be are just condos, condos, condos...
  11. J

    buying pre-construction, do i have to involve current agent?

    am in need of some advice guys. I am currently searching for a condo to live in and i am currently working with an agent. I actively search on my own also without the agents help. I came across a pre-construction today on my own that i might indulge myself in and am confused whether or not am...
  12. J

    wellesley & sherbourne is it

    My estate agent has shown me some listing at this intersection. it is close to the wellesley hospital. how is this area? is it ghetto, ok, rich, poor, crackheads?
  13. J

    is this purchase a sensible/smart investment? cityplace montage

    I have been scarred by the aggressive jaws of condo-buying. I bought a condo few years back which turned out to be the worst mistake of my life. I was very young, naive and misguided by an agent who ripped me off and put me in an undesired location in etobicoke. I just wanted to own something at...
  14. J

    looking to buy townhouse, condo or loft in downtown toronto

    First of all, this is not to advertise that i am looking for an agent. so please no PMs on that kind of stuff. I already have an agent but just using this as a medium to further my search. looking to buy a townhouse, condo or loft (hard loft preferred) within the $250,000-$320,000 range...
  15. J

    DNA3 Condos (Canderel Stoneridge) - Real Estate -

    any info on when VIP sales or regular sales for DNA3 will start? inside scoop?
  16. J

    need some light shed on cashing rrsp for HBP...

    i am looking to buy a property sometime soon: earliest time is december, latest is next march. if i remove $15000 from my rrsp now but dont purchase a property till next march for example, can i still declare it as a HBP withdrawal to avoid getting it taxed. please i need light shed on this...
  17. J

    Queen/Bathurst area...whats your opinion or experience in regards to the area?

    I am looking to move downtown and want to avoid condo living if i can. I have focused my search on the townhouses in Liberty village which i think is a great area with lots of potential. But i cannot help but notice the nice little complex of townhouses at Carr st. at the Queen/Bathurst area...
  18. J

    The future of Queen West...

    What are your opinions on the Queen West area. Do you think it might boom and become high demand as King West has become. I am very optimistic about this area especially since its counterpart; King West was just like it a few years back. A lot of people never thought it would become what it is...
  19. J

    king west: where is the good, the bad and the ugly

    i have been looking at king west area and liberty village area for a while now. I believe these two places(even though i think they are 1) are not going to be the same in the next 5 yrs. They havegreat potential and with the vibrant mood in these areas, one can tell it is very prospective. In...