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    Condo Upgrades with best value

    I'd like some opinions on what upgrades would provide the best future resale value: (1.) Hardwood in the bedroom ( if the rest of the unit's rooms already have it.) (2.) French Doors on a windowless den (Currently have 1 door) (3.) Energy Efficient Appliances ( Already getting...
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    Please explain the MCC prices - are they inflated?

    I'm still trying to understand the prices in the MCC area. Are people buying these for rental income as they seem pretty expensive.
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    Shower Stall vs. Walk-In Closet

    Hello, Just booked this unit, I'm brand new to the condo world so I'd like some opinions. What is preferred shower stall or a walk in closet (if you could choose?). View the lakeshore ( 1 BD + DEN) Any comments on the general layout? thanks!