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  1. luxome

    1 Bedroom Unit @ Aura Condo (Yonge/Gerrard, 388 Yonge St) For Sale!

    [ 1 Bedroom & 1 Bath ] ***Priority to sell*** 1 Locker 584sqft $400,000 Other Units also Available: [ 2 Bedroom & 2 Bath ] 1 Locker & 1 Parking 859sqft $630,000 [ 2 Bedroom + Den & 2 Bath ] 1 Locker & 1 Parking 1,252sqft $1,120,000 All units on High Floor! Must sell all units...
  2. luxome

    Monarch's Legacy @ Heron's Hill

    Anyone got units at Legacy? PM me with details. Thank you!
  3. luxome

    Tango at Concord Park Place (Concord Adex) - Real Estate -

    20% down in 1 yr. I'm actually surprised by the pricing (in a good way)... in-suite storage space = wasted square footage, IMO
  4. luxome

    Commercial Investors?

    Anyone here a Commercial Investor? Specifically in Commercial Plazas. Would like to hear some pros and cons about investing in Commercial Plazas.
  5. luxome

    Too Many Realtors?

    Is it just me or do you guys think there are too many real estate agents? EVERYWHERE i go, i get asked to buy/sell real estate with them. It's horrible. Will there ever be TOO MANY realtors? or will the numbers just keep on growing? They're like scavengers, lol...where are the good/professional...
  6. luxome

    Couple Buying Investment Properties

    I have a friend (married) who has inherited their home that they live in right now (home is currently still under the parents name who is out of country) and would like to purchase their first property in Canada. Question is, should they buy with only husband's name and get the first-time home...
  7. luxome

    RBC Goes Below Prime...???
  8. luxome

    Adam Giambrone's affair with young woman

    Fun read:
  9. luxome

    Fuzion King West Condominium (Urbancorp, 15s, Tact)

    couldn't find this project in the forum...please merge if it's a repost, thanks. just found another website with the same location: are they two different developments? or has it gone through a name change?
  10. luxome

    Eleven Residences (Glen Grove at 11 St. Joseph) - Real Estate -
  11. luxome

    Kyosaki....a rip off?? (CBC News) "Road to Rich Dad: The pitch is how to get rich, or is it how to get ripped off? Erica Johnson investigates who's getting rich off Rich Dad." (CBC News)
  12. luxome

    Developer Review Section??

    would it be possible to have a section just to write reviews on overall personal experiences with developers? based on, for instance,... [Developer Name] - interior finish: 1-10 - exterior finish: 1-10 - customer service: 1-10 - purchaser flexibility: 1-10 - repeat customer: y/n - overall...
  13. luxome

    Looking for District Map of GTA

    Where can i find a District Map of the entire GTA with the various district codes (e.g., C01, etc..)?
  14. luxome

    Next to Garbage Chute - thoughts?

    The condo unit that i'm currently looking at has a great floor plan, high floor and exposure, etc...however, the main problem is that the unit is next to the garbage chute. From your experience or stories that you have heard, how bad is it really? It is a unit in the high floor so the noise...
  15. luxome

    Home Office setup

    Where should i start looking for a printer/fax/copier for my office...the ones at at Futureshop are very limited. they can only scan 8.5x11. i'm looking for something that is for office use (so i need one that can scan 8.5x14). any suggestions or recommendations would help. Thanks in advance.
  16. luxome

    Police make arrests in alleged real estate scam

  17. luxome

    Cops as props? Off-duty police cash in on private 'paid duty'

  18. luxome

    Toronto as a Global City? What's holding us back?

    I would like to hear what you guys think in terms of Toronto becoming a Global City and compete with others like New York, Tokyo, etc. Do you guys think Toronto is on the right path towards becoming a Global City? Are the official plans (e.g., Intensification) pointing us in the right...
  19. luxome

    Architectural Modeler

    What are some major architectural modeler in the GTA? I'm looking for major firms who build small-scale models for residential and commercial buildings. Thanks in advance.
  20. luxome

    Intact Canada (Former ING Direct)

    I just recently noticed that the ING Direct building (west of MaRs) is no longer an ING Direct building. The orange logo on top of the building is replaced by "Intact" (Financial Corporation). So does this mean that the building is bought out by Intact? or is it just an advertising?