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    Torontonians helping Syrian refugees become new Canadians

    Honestly can't we just have an honest discussion on how to help new Canadians that didn't have the privilege of growing up here adapt? I find it is more helpful to have a dialogue and understand other cultures as opposed to condemn and judge. And I would appreciate it if you didn't use the term...
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    Torontonians helping Syrian refugees become new Canadians

    When our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that we would be taking in more Syrian refugees, I jumped for joy. I saw this as a golden opportunity to solidify our reputation as a peaceful loving and welcome nation that helps struggling people find a new home and become new Canadians. It...
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    Why we gave up being landlords to be Airbnb hosts instead

    See I find this to be a problem in our system. If you want to exercise your rights as a tenant against a bad landlord you risk getting a bad reference. But it only hurts honest people. It's amazing how easy it is to fake references especially in Canada where we don't have a central registry...
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    Why was my thread deleted

    I'm afraid I disagree with you two. Although one member called me a "cuck" and repeatedly mocked me because my wife sleeps with around men, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and educate him on how hurtful his bigotry can be. I have a feeling that many people are trying to ignore...
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    Why was my thread deleted

    I would like to know why this thread was deleted. I was expecting more understanding and tolerance since this is an issue that deals with sexism and misogyny. I'm seriously hoping the staff don't adhere to the macho view of "my woman is my property" as advocated by some conservatives.
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    Corso Italia

    I guess that explains it but it's frustrating to see so much potential and then leave not quite satisfied. :)
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    Favourite Subway Stations - Test of the new polling abilities

    Union with the renovations.
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    Could Trump-type politics succeed in Canada?

    As much as I despised Harper for tarnishing Canada for 10 years, I wouldn't say he's as bad as Trump. Yes I suspect he privately is a homophobe, racist and Islamophobe but he never went close to Trump's rhetoric. I've seen the anti-Trudeau comments on Facebook and Twitter and I honestly think...
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    The Junction

    This area is a good compliment to High Park. It's not the prettiest or the nicest area but it's a nice to have for any city.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Predicting the future is difficult but I just can't see it happening. There is a lot of pressure to keep housing prices high from the banking and real industry and also the boomers that invested their life savings into their home. I could be wrong but I just can't see it in the near future.
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    Could Trump-type politics succeed in Canada?

    These are just a small minority. I have faith that Canadians would never go as low as elect a Donald Trump. Torontonians elected Rob Ford but although a pig, he never went close to anything such as saying that Muslims should be banned.
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    What is Toronto's most politically progressive neighborhood?

    Kensington, C&W Village and the Annex would get my votes. Least progressive would probably be somewhere in Etobicoke or North York.
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    Fold out balcony?

    Why can't the balcony be permanent?
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    Corso Italia

    I always thought this neighbourhood was promising, had lots of potential but never really delivered the way it could. I'm trying to figure out why but it just doesn't have that appeal of Little Italy or the Annex.
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    Streetcars are obsolete?

    Sorry I worded that awkwardly. I mean to say that taking away the streetcars would cause congestion but you are right the cars on Queen and King do cause the streetcars to slow down. It's a good idea.
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    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    Trudeau is the best thing that happened to Canada in a long time. He has very progressive views on women and is a feminist and has done a lot to reach out to the Muslim community which is more than I can say for Stephen Harper. With Trump winning in the States, Brexit in the UK, Le Pen leading...
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    Why we gave up being landlords to be Airbnb hosts instead

    I sympathize with the owners because of deadbeats but the Tenant Act was created to protect tenants from bad landlords. Besides in Ontario it's a lot easier to throw out tenants that don't pay than it is in more progressive countries like Germany and Sweden. In Sweden it can take landlords years...
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    Streetcars are obsolete?

    It would be good if the streetcars had dedicated lanes but still the way Queen St. works is better than if there were no streetcars. Imagine the clog ups if we cut that transit routes.
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    Colourful characters from the past

    Re: Zanta It's good he is gone. There were lots of people who felt threatened by him. There is no way anybody should impede the safety of others.