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    Toronto | Bijou on Bloor | 48.46m | 12s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    I know it's early but hoping for some great retail here. This end of Bloor West Village kind of lags in comparison with the portion to the east.
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    Toronto | 1540 Bloor West | 86.35m | 27s | Trinity Group | IBI Group

    Truly an amazing indictment of a myriad of issues here. I can't believe I was an original purchaser of Giraffe over 10 years ago (can't even remember when it was...maybe 2008?) and here we are in 2021, numerous proposals later, each of them worse than the last, and the blighted corner of Bloor...
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    Toronto | 950 King West | 46.5m | 13s | Intentional Capital | Sweeny &Co

    Palace Arms always seems to get the rap for this unfortunate situation but it is much more related to the Homes First Strachan House shelter/welfare centre at Wellington and Strachan and not Palace Arms. Either way, the area needs much more in the way of accessible services to assist as much as...
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    127 Strachan Ave (@ Adelaide W)

    "New business case" lol Sounds like someone took exactly one business class in undergrad! (but maybe forgot to apply those important principles they learned when they purchased this property originally, considering the conditions for the "business case" haven't changed much. ie: it's been leased...
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    Toronto | Hotel X (was Hotel in the Garden) | ?m | 27s | Exhibition Place | NORR

    As a penalty for the first building, can we have them be obligated to cover the cost of construction for the Ontario Line subway stop? (but for the love of God do not let them be involved in any sort of design work)
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Stackt market at Front/Bathurst is still around (wouldn't mind seeing this as a Christmas market as well)
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    Toronto | The HUB | 257.85m | 57s | Oxford Properties | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    They definitely have a presence at Bay-Adelaide East tower.
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    Toronto | 1540 Bloor West | 86.35m | 27s | Trinity Group | IBI Group

    Should have just built Giraffe...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    If this turns out to look half as good as then I will be very happy Also, would love to see Indigo be a major tenant. Their HQ is right around the corner.
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    Toronto | King Portland Centre and Kingly Condos | 57.6m | 15s | Allied | Hariri Pontarini

    Will they be fixing the directional signs that currently read "Portland Avenue" ? (should be Portland Street)
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    Stackt Container Market (28 Bathurst St, future park)

    How is Shopify not all over this? They should have sponsored the hell out of this thing. A downtown pop-up market right in their neighbourhood (even though HQ is in Ottawa), populated largely by smaller retailers aimed at the 18-35 demographic, and the place is obviously all about social media...
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    Toronto | Manulife Centre Podium and Streetscape Renewal | 9.75m | 2s | Manulife Real Estate | MdeAS Architects

    The lighting is not a static magenta. It changes from time to time.
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    Toronto | Kings Club at King High Line | 57.6m | 18s | First Capital | Kasian

    King & Tecumseth? Really? I find that surprising, I would have assumed King & Stafford as it's smaller, older, closer to this location, not entirely barrier free, doesn't have a post office etc.
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    Nicholas Residences | ?m | 35s | Urban Capital | Core Architects

    I've seen police there numerous times so I wouldn't doubt it
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    Toronto | 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    Normally I would agree, but in this case I'll let it slide. If they left the entire brick building intact and only built on the parking lot, you'd never be able to see any of the west side of the brick building anyway as the new tower would permanently cover it up. Only the south side would be...
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    Toronto | 545 Lake Shore West | 75.8m | 22s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    Man, you just know this is going to suck
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    Toronto | 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    Wow. I can't imagine this is all net-new space. Vacating Brookfield Place? 77 Bloor?
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    Toronto | Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    While council is extraordinarily incompetent on the transit file, the Bentway did get built fairly quickly and that was sparked by a large donation from a wealthy Torontonian family. Small potatoes compared to what the Rail Deck parc would cost, but still worth mentioning.
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    Toronto | Commerce Court 3 | 301.74m | 64s | QuadReal | Hariri Pontarini

    RBC, BC Investment Management, & QuadReal have recently inked a pretty substantial real estate investment partnership. I'd assume that wouldn't hurt the progress of this development.
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    Toronto | Kings Club at King High Line | 57.6m | 18s | First Capital | Kasian

    Another Shoppers? Is the one at King/Stafford moving there? King is already Shoppers Drug Mart Avenue with so many locations (Yonge, Peter, Brant, Tecumseth, Stafford) and now this one