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    1552 - 1572 Kingston Road | ?s

    A new application in the AIC for 1552 and 1572 Kingston Road. A survey of this block in question, suggests this is the entire block to me. Assuming this is the entire block, the area is: ~ 1900m2/20,400ft2
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    3730 Kingston Road | ?s

    New application into the AIC on this: Link here: Site as it is (streetview) Site size: Approx. 24,000ft2
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    How to scope out the scoops (A guide on how to know what's in the development pipeline)

    So..... Over at the Union Centre thread for Toronto............. @ProjectEnd and I have been having too much fun. LOL At the risk there will be more people who know more things and post them first here at UT........... I'm going to provide a manual for those who want to be more 'in the know'...
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    19-21 Brownlow + 214-226 Soudan (?, ?s, ?)

    Roverella developments has begun lobbying on the above properties, one can assume an application will be forthcoming. Under other beneficiaries we see the parent company is Greenpark. From the Lobbyist Registry: Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32135 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be...
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    1635 Lawrence Ave W (Spotlight, 4x ?s, ?)

    The lobbyist registry shows us that Spotlight developments is looking at a new 4-tower plan for this site. This is the s/w corner of Black Creek Drive and Lawrence Ave. West. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32109 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied...
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    4500 Jane St (?, ?s, ?)

    New Application in the AIC for this site, no description or docs as yet. Site is an existing Tower-in-the-Park apartment site with a great deal of 'blank' land. Some of it surface parking, some lawn. I don't...
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    2270 Morningside Ave (?, 5s, ?)

    New App in to the AIC: Approximate site in aerial photo: * I said approximate but the pink property lines on this parcel overlap in a very unusual and confusing way.
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    Toronto | 30 Gilder | ?m | 25s

    New Application into the AIC for purpose-built rental housing here, and some of it affordable as well. Aerial of site as it is, the right-hand side of the existing apartment is a City Park so I will assume this is to...
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    Toronto | 10 Oakburn | 63.55m | 18s | KG | Kirkor Architects

    New Application into the AIC for 2 18-storey towers at the addresses listed above. *note, based on my survey of the location and reading the description I believe this also includes 6, and 8, and may include 12 Oakburn Crescent as well, but I've titled as per the AIC. App here...
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    The Quay, Tower Four (Retirement Concepts, 20s, BDP Quadrangle)

    New Application in for this one in the AIC, no description yet except that it includes rezoning and is listed as covering 350 and 390
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    845-895 Jane St (Devron, ?s, ?)

    From the Lobbyist Registry, we learn that the plaza at the corner of Jane and Alliance is in play. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM31849 Lobbyist's Name Mr Amir Remtulla Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied Feasibility of...
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    31 Finch Ave E (Capital Dev, ?s, ?)

    From the Lobbyist Registry we learn that this Bell Facility just east of Yonge seems to be in play. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM31951 Business/Organization name Capital Developments Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied...
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    61-75 Brownlow (Menkes, ?s, ?)

    I was just minding my own business............scanning the lobbying registry while up in the middle of the night............... When I came across this: Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied 61-75 Brownlow Avenue **** Lobbyist's Name...
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    Conservatory Group to be broken up!

    In an article in today's Star it is revealed that due to feuding among the 4 sons who inherited to their Dad's business............a judge has ordered the company liquidated with the proceeds going to the sons...
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    Toronto | 500 Duplex | 53.71m | 15s | Streamliner | IBI Group

    New Rezoning Application in on this site, in the AIC, no details as yet. The site is currently home to a higher-end residential, rental hirise, as well as some townhomes. Avison Young is/was marketing this site...
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    Toronto | 4566 Kingston | 40.45m | 13s

    New app in the AIC: Aerial of existing site: Streetview:
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    Toronto | 100 Bond | 84.45m | 30s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    New in the AIC: The site as it appears today: ** The above is 98 Bond Street, and no other addresses are listed in the AIC at this time. However, basic math suggests the site area of this building is roughly 1/6...
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    3-15 Benton Road

    Matt Elliott is reporting in the latest edition of City Hall Watcher and Lobbyist watch, that St. Joe's Media is lobbying City Hall concerning a possible mixed-use redevelopment of their head office site. Matt has dropped the paywall for this issue, and I would encourage everyone to have a...
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    Toronto | 592 Gerrard East | ?m | ?s

    Application below is in the AIC: (no description) Based on a report that went to Council back in 2015, I'm expecting this is an application to build a new Green P parking lot! Aquisition of this property and the adjacent one (598) was in the 2016 capital budget...
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    Long Term Care Proposal (4610 Finch Ave E, ?, ?s, ?)

    In a report to the July 7th meeting of CreateTO; a recommendation is made to build a new LTC on a City-Owned site at 4610 Finch Avenue East. Report here: From said report: Site as it exists today: (south/Finch...