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  1. oreoshack

    more north york centre

    Invesco Trimark Building in front of Mel Lastman Square. I love this building's glass and how it blends into the sky. Every hour the bell at the top rings and plays a cheery tune. Mel Last Square looking at the TDSB building. The flag at the TDSB building. I forget what the name...
  2. oreoshack

    Planning Schools?

    hey, i'm in my third year doing the geography program at ryerson university. i'm starting to look at my graduate studies option and i'm looking at urban planning at either waterloo, university of toronto, or ryerson. of those 3, which would be the best option and why? thanks in advance
  3. oreoshack

    Metro's FANtastic City Competition

    Toronto has around 1037 fans and Halifax is a close second at 904. I think Toronto can do better than a 133 person lead. Plus you get a chance to win airfare for 2 to any Metro city. *d'oh i'm still getting used to the new forum layout. this is in the...
  4. oreoshack

    check out this videos (made in toronto!) Huntor Vs. Prey IV: The Pick of Destiny tell me what you think.
  5. oreoshack

    Tribute to our Subway

    A trip on Canada's oldest subway is a trip around the world By: Abel, Allen, Canadian Geographic, 07062168, Jan2004, Vol. 124, Issue 1 THE SLOW TRAIN to China -- and to Poland, Korea, Barbados, Greece, Peru and the Azores -- slides with a screech from a fluorescent' terminus, northbound on a...
  6. oreoshack

    Who Else finds this EXTREMELY Hilarious? Vegeta, what does the scanner say about his POWER levels? Over 9000!!!! i love oprah
  7. oreoshack

    3D Toronto in Google Sketch Up

    Hey, I'm trying to make a scale model of Downtown Toronto on Google Sketch up. Here are some pics of what I have managed to get done so far. I will need some help doing some of the lesser known buildings farther up north. But I hope you enjoy it, and if it gets popular enough, I might release...
  8. oreoshack

    thesixtyone - new music site

    here's a very cool social music site called thesixtyone. basically, its pretty obvious how to participate, you find songs that you like and then you spend points to "bump" them up in the charts, the more people bump the song after you, the more points you get in return for your point investment...
  9. oreoshack

    Bell's New Ad Campaign - ER

    so what does everyone think of Bell's new "ER" campaign. i think its so boring and a huge letdown, it had so much promise. also releasing it around the time everyone is fuming mad about the new texting charges was not the best call.
  10. oreoshack

    Yonge-Finch Old vs. New

    Old Pictures from 1972 taken from the archives compared to pictures taken from 2008. Here are some just cool shots from around the area.
  11. oreoshack

    Toronto Bands!

    how does Toronto's music scene stack up against the rest of the country? pretty good if you ask me. reason? one, Tokyo Police Club. shout out your opinion and any other notable bands from around here.
  12. oreoshack

    North York City Centre

    These are a few shots I took a year ago. Yonge St. Looking North from Hollywood Ave. Looking up the Median of the Ultima Building The Ultima Building Atrium Beside the Tim Hortons North York City Centre from Hollywood Ave.
  13. oreoshack

    Why does Canada hate Toronto? We want love! :(

    Why does the rest of Canada hate Toronto? Seriously we haven't done anything against them. I'm pretty sure they're all just jealous of our success and they all hate immigrants. The rest of Canada loathes their immigrant population while Toronto embraces theirs. Just go outside of Toronto's...