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    Toronto | The Davies | 30.48m | 9s | Brandy Lane | CMV

    281 Avenue Road. Don't know if this has already been posted but I couldnt find a thread photos by me
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    James St N / Jamesville (Hamilton, ON)

    National Geographic on James St North, Hamilton: But SHHHH.. keep it a secret ;) lol
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    Rocky Horror Picture Show ?

    Hey everyone! I'm just curious as to whether or not there are any Pro or Amateur productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show scheduled for this Halloween season? source Back in Hamilton, there was an old-school screening at the Tivoli where attendees would dress up as their favourite...
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    Gehry in Hamilton!?

    World-class architect interested in west harbour World-class architects don't come any bigger than Frank Gehry. And, if everything works out, Gehry will design a building for the city's west harbour lands that will put Hamilton on the map, says Richard Abboud, president of Forum Equity...
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    Why Does Hamilton Constantly Get Screwed?

    Granted city planners have made a number of fatal mistakes in the past (one-way street inner-city expressways, constant public transit cuts, 1960's downtown 'urban renewal', etc).. But this time, city staff & planners seemed to finally have it right with a Downtown Stadium, until THIS...
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    The 'Restaurant Makeover' Curse

    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the Restos 'reno'd' by FoodTV's Restaurant Makeover show have either closed down, or aren't doing very well business-wise? A couple examples I can think of: Lub on Church St -- Gone within a couple months of the reno. Lobby on Bloor, near Avenue --...