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  1. RC8

    Toronto | The Quay, Tower Three (was Maple Leaf Quay) | 66.44m | 21s | Retirement | BDP Quadrangle

    I posted the info below in the EIFS thread, but I'm also posting this here to keep track of whatever they do to this poor thing. I'll post pictures as the 'modernization' advances. I urge you to email the manager to get this stopped, though.
  2. RC8

    Toronto Sports

    GET IN! TFC through to the semi-finals of the CL! Great day for Toronto, as we beat L.A. Galaxy in Los Angeles. Spectacular.
  3. RC8

    Guided Bus-ways I saw this article and thought it was a fairly interesting concept. Do you think this would be useful for anything in the GTA's context?
  4. RC8

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    I'd love to see everyone contributing to this thread - seeing as the picture threads we currently have active are either author-specific or theme-specific. I'll get it started with a terrible but significant picture. Title: Spring.