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  1. Blixtein

    The End of Suburbia and Economic Apocalypse

    DISARRAY by James Howard Kunstler The dark tunnel that the U.S. economy has entered began to look more and more like a black hole recently, sucking in lives, fortunes, and prospects behind a Potemkin facade of orderly retreat put up by anyone in authority with a story to tell or an interest...
  2. Blixtein

    Liverpool FC - New stadium design

    21st Century:
  3. Blixtein

    New Condo Inspection - is it worth it?

    Is it worth it to hire an independent inspector to inspect a brand new high-rise condo? I've received mixed info regarding this issue and am curious what other forumers think. Additionally, does anyone know a good inspector located downtown?
  4. Blixtein

    AD: Architecture Days - SF, Toronto & NYC

    Anyone seen this yet? (skip intro).