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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    I have also noticed this too now that retailers are opening back up. In my area, Thornhill, you see people who don't care at all about Covid-19 and wearing PPE. Even to the point of people saying it's exaggerated by the government and really nothing; just a typical flu. Personally I am shocked...
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    It boggles my mind that Toronto can never get anything done properly without half-as#ing it. The fact that Barbra Gray was suppose to be an enlightening moment for Toronto Transportation tells me that institutional-cultural memory is very strong. I’m calling it now that when the Crosstown is up...
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    Downtown Vaughan (VMC)

    Smart Growth: Smart VMC
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    Not sure if this is part of the Wycliffe Development: Wycliffe Homes on Clark Ave West:
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    Toronto | Promenade Mall Revitalization | ?m | 35s | Liberty Development | WZMH

    Soon this parking lot will be developed:
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    Downtown Vaughan (VMC)

    We have an emerging skyline now! Has sort of a Dubai-esque feel.
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    Toronto's Other Skylines

    Taken from Yesterday at Bayview and John St., Thornhill, Markham. A bit of context going left to right: -First Two buildings are condos at Yonge St. & Clark Ave. -Second set are condos at Bathurst St. & Centre St. (Thornhill, Vaughan) -Third set of the brown buildings are the apartment...
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    Toronto | Promenade Mall Revitalization | ?m | 35s | Liberty Development | WZMH

    Walked the mall last night, Popeyes, A&W and Jolibee are doing very well. Carlton Cards is on its final days of liquidation before closure. The Source, SoftMoc and Bikini Village are gone. Have heard that Old Navy is in the process of closing down and that they are getting clearance items in...
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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    Never understood why they feel they need to beat the pedestrian on a green. Almost to the point of mowing them down. Another thing I have noticed as well on the VIVA corridors is that the pedestrian signals are now timed to go right after the left turn signals and before the green.
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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    The other day I noticed that York Region has now banned right-hand turns on red at Bathurst St. and Clark Ave. I’m wondering if this is a trial study and if this has been put in place at other locations. My rough guess is that this is a trial to see if it deals with the extra long right-hand...
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    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    All of this brings me to the old saying: “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” They brought it upon themselves to mess with the old license plates. My question is, was there ever a open bid for this contract or was it sole sourced to 3M?
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    Fare evasion on the TTC...

    I don’t know what sort of agreement YRT has with York Region Police but I’ve noticed that York Region Police at times do carry out fare inspection duties especially in Markham on VIVA. Other times York Region Police accompany Fare Inspectors during end of the month blitzes. Majority of the time...
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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    Any one else notice that there’s now radio ads by the City of Toronto telling drivers to be more aware of pedestrians and the rising number of road deaths. Its sort of ironic that they would spend money on these ads when drivers themselves probably aren’t listening to the radio.
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    Downtown Vaughan (VMC)

    I never noticed until this afternoon how prominent the towers around downtown are becoming. What really strikes is there’s now a skyline of downtown Vaughan. While on VIVA heading to VMC, at the CN Macmillan Yard Bridge you truly experience the new skyline.
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    York Region Transit: Viva service thread

    It was there prior to the latest website update. It’s strange that they removed it but I’m pretty sure they didn’t want people seeing how dismal the frequencies have gotten. Lately I’ve been using Google Maps to pull up the Viva schedules as they (York Region) has a partnership with Google to...