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    Toronto | Brixton, The | 45m | 12s | Fitzrovia | Graziani + Corazza

    Demolition has begun and is progressing quick. Damn shame. More retail that won't be leased just like the Carnaby project on Gladstone and the buildings on the laneway behind it. The building has been standing for years and still, all that retail space is vacant.
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    Toronto | 99 Sudbury Street | ?m | 26s | Giannone Petricone

    7-8pm January 26 The address is actual 99 Sudbury for the meeting for this one and 1181 Queen West proposal. I hope they both get squashed.
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    Toronto | 99 Sudbury Street | ?m | 26s | Giannone Petricone

    Just got a letter for a community meeting for this. Looks like they tweaked just a few things and resubmitted. Same height and all.
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    Toronto | Q Loft | ?m | 8s | Royal Queen | TACT Architecture

    Sales office has moved around the corner. Saw guys in the empty storefronts doing something yesterday. Graffiti is getting worse. I hope this is a sign that the eyesore is about to be reduced to rubble. ;)
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    Toronto | Q Loft | ?m | 8s | Royal Queen | TACT Architecture

    Taste of tandoorree has moved out. The normally on top of things graffiti busters is not taking care of graffiti on walls. Wonder if that means things are about to start happening now.
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    Bed bugs so bad in Toronto they'll soon spread on transit, in theatres.

    I am a complete and thorough clean freak. I keep things tidy and sanitized as best as I possibly can. That said, we had an issue with these pesky scourges. They came from the neighbours apartment. We had to throw out 2 beds and a couch. That was the easy part. As soon as I told the landlord...
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    Are Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter becoming too powerful?

    My exact sentiments. I was on Facebook for a while under an alias and with all false information.(the friends knew who I was. Just false info so Zuckerberg and pals could datamine garbage) I deactivated my account 4 months ago. Reactivated for about a week last week. Permanently deactivated on...
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    Canada Post strike - would you care?

    I rely on Canada post for my game rental service. They were horrendously slow even before the strike. Now, I will be begging pretty please to the rental company to let me out of my contract. It was taking 3-10 business days ONE way to get a parcel from Toronto from Montreal. That is a huge...
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    Toronto | Two Gladstone | ?m | 8s | Streetcar | TACT Architecture

    Very busy overnight. Looking damn good. I tried to post pics, but for some reason they did not work. The scaffolding on Queen street is mostly gone. The glass is exposed on the old warehouse building right behind the main building.The brick that is up is power washed. Moving along very quickly...
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    Toronto | Two Gladstone | ?m | 8s | Streetcar | TACT Architecture

    Crane came down this weekend. Moving right along on this one. Also, notice they have security now after that horrendous tagging incident. Also, they are staying on top of pulling down those atrocious poster adverts on the plywood walls.
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    Parkdale Village

    I live in Parkdale now. After living and traveling all over the states, this place is nothing. I do not feel for my safety or my families safety in the least. That said though, I can NOT wait to get out of here. This place is filthy. Tired of the constant drunk asses roaming the streets at...
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Just posted this over on the Dufferin Jog thread, before I even saw this one. On the CN/GO lines on Dufferin and Queen, they pulled up track 3 and opened track 7 this weekend. So now, tracks 4,5, and 7 are being used instead of 3,4, and 5. There were months of inactivity before all this...
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    Dufferin Street: Eliminating the jog

    I have lurked around Urban Toronto for months. decided to register to respond to this thread, as my bedroom window literally backs up to the CN/GO lines under construction. There was a flurry of activity all long weekend. When I say all weekend, I mean almost 24 hours a day from Friday to this...