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    Algonquin Provincial Park

    It's a day use problem. Camping capacity is already limited so is not causing congestion. We're talking about 2+km lines and overflowing parking lots full of fall leaf watchers that seems to be the main issue. Widening the highway is a dumb idea and I hope they don't do it.
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    VIA Rail

    Actually, I believe that these two lines are going to be grade separated as part of Stage 2 Trillium line.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    I never saw any evidence that Alstom was selected for cold weather expertise. They had to modify the design for Ottawa. If the cold was their main consideration, they probably would have gone with Bombardier. I think they were more worried about price and having the vehicles delivered on time.
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    I feel like if the line is to go to the airport, it needs to be tunnelled/elevated/etc. If the line stops at Renforth (permanently) and so is not used as a main route to the airport, tunnelling is a waste of effort. It would be better in that case to have a bus route to complete the journey to...
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    Ontario Northland and the End of the Northlander

    Why is it the last train? Isn't the PBE an essential service? It's not like there are any roads up there...
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    If the O-Train works, and nobody sees it, did it really work? ;)
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    Ontario Northland and the End of the Northlander

    There is no line through the Ottawa Valley. CP tore out the tracks and CN tore out theirs, in spite of opposition. The right of way is basically intact though.
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    TTC: "Toronto Rocket" Subway Cars (In Delivery, Bombardier)

    Probably better in the Bombardier thread.
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    I always thought they shouldn't bother moving the upx to Eglington. The crosstown is supposed to eventually go to the airport anyways, and then Weston will be left with nothing.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Somebody told me that Toronto did get the authority to impose tolls. Didn't hear anything about hotels though. I think they can use alcohol/tobacco taxes, movie taxes, vehicle registration, billboard taxes, and a couple of other things which I forget.
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    VIA Rail

    I've always considered everything between Pickering and Burlington to be the Toronto "blob" lol. Hamilton and St. Catharine's are exempt.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    Ohhhh ok, sorry about that. I didn't read it carefully enough I guess.
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    Ottawa Transit Developments

    But.. You're on the left lol
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    Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design)

    I would have preferred the DRL subway, especially since it had a better alignment IMO and higher ultimate capacity. However, my opinion since the whole OL thing started has been that if it moves 30,000+ pphpd (Or I think I said under 26,000 wasn't worth it), then it's better to build it than to...