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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    You asked if there were "shovels in the ground", not "are they building subway stations". I gave you the correct, factual answer, which is "yes" -- there are actual, literal shovels in the actual, literal ground, today, on February 18, 2020. Head on over to the site at Cherry just south of the...
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    Including design, planning, procurements, utility relocations, etc., sure, you're looking at 10+ years for a project. That's a normal amount of time in many places around the world. Example: Paris's newest subway line, a 9km route, took about 10 years to design and build. Example: Tokyo'...
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    Actually yes, there are several places where preliminary construction and geological work is taking place. It's all documented on Metrolinx's Ontario Line web site. Here's the current list of work sites, it's updated every few days.
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    Toronto | 88 Queen | 163m | 51s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    Ah yes. There are 10 penthouse units planned across 57-58, and 8 larger units replacing 12 smaller ones on 53-56. But none of those floorplans have been published, so far as I can see, so we don't know how many are 3 bedrooms. Still though, this building will have almost 100 squishy 3-bedroom...
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    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    Well now hang on a minute there. The Broadway extension is going to take 5 years to build, which wasn't significantly less time than the pre-Ford Relief Line construction timeline estimate of 6 years. The study and planning phases of extending mass transit across Broadway stretches well back...
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    Toronto | 88 Queen | 163m | 51s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    Those are the largest two layouts in the building. Yep, that's a 3 bedroom + 2 bathroom in under 800 sq ft.
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    The United BLDG (Davpart/H&R Developments) - Real Estate -

    There's a 306sf layout going for $770k. That's over $2,500sf.
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    Toronto | Galleria 01 & 02 | 99m | 29s | ELAD Canada | Core Architects

    Demolition of Galleria Mall has been going on this week.