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    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    Seeing that this thread has become a typical Ontario cars vs people blame game I thought I 'd post this link about what Vision Zero is. I hope it works. This is a short vidoes about the principles of Zero Vision, although it is directed towards americans I think we could learn a lot about...
  2. Vaucluse

    Mississauga's Heartland (Town Centre)

    Heartland? More like wasteland.
  3. Vaucluse

    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    This discussion was had twenty years ago when the base was closed. At that time the downtown councillors thought that Downsview would replace Toronto Island airport and so the island airport could be closed, North York councillors thought much like yourself that charters could be flown out of...
  4. Vaucluse

    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    Adding passenger services to an industrial airfield is an expansion. When I was stationed at Downsview in the early '90s there were no passenger facilities, and our squadron was responsible for transient flights. Since then, the hanger has been converted to indoor sports fields so there is even...
  5. Vaucluse

    Pickering Airport (Transport Canada/GTAA, Proposed)

    Bombardier owns Downsview and has owned it since the mid-90s, as well, it sits directly under the flight path for 24L & 24R. There will be no expansion of that airport.
  6. Vaucluse

    Questions regarding "transit cabotage" and routes post subway extension

    I'm not sure why this route still exists but I do know that it's still used by some to/from Malton. Miway's 7 is only a duplication to the terminals and then goes to Sq1 while TTC 52 goes the other way to Lawrence West. Miway's 11 is has its terminus at Islington. Perhaps this route is kept as...
  7. Vaucluse

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    I think I got to the bottom of this little mystery hole in the wall. The building was a storage warehouse owned by the CNR that had a basement. When CNR and the city pulled their money together to build an underpass CNR just added an extra bit to the job to put in the access to the basement. I...
  8. Vaucluse

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Yes it's the same location but I don't think it's the same building but the "before before" photo does give me an idea. The utility poles on the right I believe are telephone, these poles are now missing from the 1932 photo, so perhaps the mystery entrance is one to a sub-exchange vault? Or...
  9. Vaucluse

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    I agree that the street in the Depression era looks in much better shape than now. I don't live near the area but what I always find striking about older buildings is the level of decoration that went into even the industrial building seen in the photos, window frames and cornices for example...
  10. Vaucluse

    Lost Road: Indian Line Road

    The work on the bridge was to allow access for construction equipment to the Enbridge natural gas pipeline project. Enbridge had put a bailey bridge over the old bridge for the heavy equipment. I haven't been around there recently but I thought that the bailey bridge would be removed, the area...
  11. Vaucluse

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    I found this photo during a google search, the interesting thing is the building built into the bridge abutment. Does anyone know anything about this building? The after photo shows that it's till there and looking pretty much intact.
  12. Vaucluse

    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    The road signs and red light cameras won't have any effect. Many drivers don't respect the current speed limit so the speed reductions won't do anything either. The curb extensions, curb radius reductions and sidewalk widening will slow cars down, this will help. I'm not sure what is meant by...
  13. Vaucluse

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    1- The different signals also give no excuse for motorists to proceed on the tram lights thinking they are for vehicles. 3- The grass was planted as part (small part) of France's efforts to offset their CO2 emissions. Our emergency services here think that they need to drive on the tramways...
  14. Vaucluse

    Toronto | Mississauga Transitway | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    Anyone who has taken Renforth from the 401 to Carlingview would have to disagree with this, because of the intersection at Carlingview this route is quite congested and for such a short distance could take about 10 min. Now if Toronto would realign the intersection so that Carlingview runs...
  15. Vaucluse

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Is your point that the row of town houses is part of a larger development? 'Cause those town houses don't look much better from the front.:(