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    Sheraton Centre (123 Queen West, new windows & exterior repairs)

    Just a reminder that this building was the loser, of the two finalist, in a design competition organized by the City of Toronto. The winning bid, which featured two slim towers of equal height, but not quite as tall as the Sheraton proposal, could not secure financing and the city had no...
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    Corus Quay (East Bayfront Dockside, TEDCO, 7s, D+S) COMPLETE

    Re the demolition photos of the northest corner of Lower Sherbourne and Queens Quay. This is going to be part of the north end (north of Queens Quay) of Sherbourne Park. The 1.5 hectare year round 30 million dollar park already under construction east of the Chorus development. It is set to...
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    Toronto | Murano | ?m | 45s | Lanterra | a—A

    I agree Urban Shocker. No one has made any advances on the subject since Edmund Burke's Essay on Beauty.
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    Toronto | Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    Solaris and Urban Shocker: Any Saturday in August/September as I am away all week on business. Suggest a time in mid afternoon, to get photos, and then sip wine as the sun goes down and the night lights begin to flicker. As I said this could be a UTF get together if any body else is interested.
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    Toronto | Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    I thought you would never ask. Seriously though I thought a UTF night could be held here at some point. My unit is only 600ft but I guess I could fit a a couple dozen or so members in the place.
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    Toronto | Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    Solaris, thanks for the clarification. I see now from the photo that the view from an upper elevator at 1 King West would be on more of an angle to achieve the same view. I just checked the lobby window on the 44th floor. I reside on the north end of the 44th floor at 1 King, the rounded...
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    Toronto | Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning | ?m | 21s | Sick Kids | Diamond Schmitt

    Surprised the "Don't shadow the City Hall" crowd have not raised a hue and cry over this one. Not much north of the 1 City Hall project at Bay & Dundas that got canned because of its 500ft height. This project at 130 metres, probably plus mechanical, will top out at around 450ft.
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    Toronto | Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    Solaris, what vantage point did you take the photo from. It looks to me like one of the higher elavator lobbies of 1 King West.
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    Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (Brookfield, 50s, WZMH)

    Ixmoss: That's a great photo taken just before the thunderstorm on Saturday. Although you can't see me (unless by super magnification) I was obseving the pending storm out of the window of my 44th floor, north unit, of 1 King West. The first level of the curve portion of the building. The...
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    Toronto | Pinnacle Centre Condos | 161.84m | 55s | Pinnacle | P + S / IBI

    The fourth tower is going on the south west corner of the property. Right where one of the crane's is currently sitting
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    Toronto | Infinity Condos | ?m | 35s | Conservatory Group | Richmond Architects

    Didn't want to start a new thread but searched in vain for the existing one. Just to report that on my monthly Toronto walk I noticed that site preparation is underway for the third tower. I went in to the sales office and asked about a construction start. Excavation will start next month...
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    Toronto | Boutique Condos | 106.37m | 35s | Urban Capital | ZAS Architects

    I looked at the Boutique Condo site on Nelson Street when I was on my 4 hour Saturday walk. The site covers almost all the south side of the block between John and Duncan or is it Simcoe and Duncan. I can't remember now. There are just two small buildings on each corner and the two adjoining...
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    AMC Yonge & Dundas opens at Toronto Life Square

    You probably don't remember Cal but in the early 1960's there used to be several movie joints ( I choose the word as it fit the venues) on the east side of Yonge between Queen and Gerrard.
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    RBC Centre (LEED Gold, CadFair, 41s, KPF/B+H/&Co.) COMPLETE

    Floating floor also called raised floor. Very common in the financial district for many years. Comprised of interlocking steel panels 24inches to 36inches square which makes for easy access to wiring, cable etc. between the slab and raised floor. Makes for very flexible workstations as...
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    INDX Condos | 178.6m | 54s | Lifetime | P + S / IBI

    Harry and his investors (including me) need more like $28 million to break even. The unsecured creditors (me included) are looking at getting 20 -25 cents on the dollar.