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    The challenge of obesity

    I don't like government interference but something along the lines of your thinking is overdue. Personal responsibility doesn't work well when the system is stacked against you. Everyone knows what needs to be done to be a millionaire with a six pack, doing it is a different thing.
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    The challenge of obesity

    Weight loss is mostly about intake. You are right about portion sizes. Do you think the government should lower portion sizes? Maybe at least for soda. The worst things are sugary drinks. If they were a max for those maybe that would help?
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    Toronto | 372 Yonge | 255m | 74s | DIALOG

    With all the housing at this intersection, this area could use another office tower (like the old Eaton's plans!)
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    "The TTC has estimated that installing the doors on Lines 1 and 2 would cost about $1.3 billion, which is currently funded. A report on the project is expected in the second quarter of next year." I think that's a mistake on the part of The Star
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Exactly this. Things will get back to normal.
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    Gardiner Expressway Hybrid Design

    I feel the summary of what happened to the traffic is not detailed enough. I would like to see examples with percentages of how the traffic changed. I don't know if it would even be feasible, but I feel the summary given is a bit hand wavy. My intuition is that people changed the places that...
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    Archives of Ontario Humber River photos, 1940s-1950s

    Great set of pictures. Thanks for posting
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    Roads: GTA West Corridor—Guelph to 400

    This is what I was thinking. Does the management feel the staff needs make work projects? Although, maybe it was work assigned by the politicians who don't see the connection between staff time an d money.
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    Considering a small town to retire to in 2030-35. Recommendations?

    Downtown Guelph is complete as in you could get everything done without leaving to go out to Walmart/Costco etc (but still has those options). In downtown Guelph, you can walk to the grocery store, all banks, the post office, brewery, cafes, restaurants, dry cleaning, tailor, clothing stores...
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    The Orbit (Innisfil, Cortel Group, PARTISANS)

    The standard is not Mount Pleasant it's just the only development I know of that turned out looking like a TOD. This development on paper looks great, but every similar development I've seen turned out to be standard suburban in the end.
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    The Orbit (Innisfil, Cortel Group, PARTISANS)

    Is there any cases of these plans living up to expectations? The only one that I know of is the TOD around Mount Pleasant GO in Brampton.
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    Toronto Parks

    Was wondering if you had an opinion on which system works better? I'm inclined to go by the team per park where there would be responsibility over the park vs the current centralized model.
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    TTC: Scarborough Subway Extension (formerly LRT replacement) (City of Toronto, Design Phase)

    Further to this, it seems the PC government is keen on TOD so it wouldn't surprise if they force an upzoning wherever there are new subway stops
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    TTC: Yonge North Subway Extension (Finch-Richmond Hill) (Unfunded/Planned)

    From what I remember of that area, they probably have a big enough right of way to go above ground from just north of Steeles on Yonge. I believe that above ground is cheaper than subterranean so if they can withstand the NIMBY they could save more money that way.
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    The biggest change would be working remotely. That is the something the government can play a part in (Provincial/Health Care/Municipalities - as applicable) but that only goes so far.