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    Miller's Legacy

    Entirely agree. The article also fails to mention that in 2003 we were exporting our garbage to Michigan, we knew that would be blocked sometime soon, and we had no alternative. In one of his least appreciated maneuvers, Miller solved the crisis purchasing a landfill in Ontario. I don't...
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    Can commute be improved for Toronto drivers?

    Move them closer to where they work, obviously
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    Toronto Sewage/tree root problems

    They initially refused our rebate as well. A city inspector has to see the afflicted pipe and the hole and the tree responsible. Then he will fill our a form, which you need to send in to the 'Drain Grant' office. In our case, the inspector arrived, saw the rather disgusting looking ball of...
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    Toronto Sewage/tree root problems

    Not quite the same problem, but I did have a clay sewage pipe 'trap' blocked by tree roots. I had it removed and the city provided me a rebate of $2000 of the cost. That was out of a program targeted specifically at these old clay traps - which tend to hold water and act as a magnet for tree...
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    Spate of Pedestrian Deaths in GTA

    I'll join the crowd who go with the default assumption that this is within the bounds of random variation. In fact, you can see the media indulging in positive reinforcement already. They talk about pedestrian fatalities in Toronto being high, but then they'll do a story on a pedestrian...
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    New House next door, and now your chimney is illegal!!

    The city should check these things before approving the permit for the monster home. On the other hand, the poor saps in the bungalow probably received a notice of the neighbour's building application their opportunity to object. Since they didn't object, the city might be able to weasel out...
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    Do you use a bike for transport in the city?

    There should be a fourth option: "Until the snow and salt hit". I commute to Scotia Plaza. I'm impressed that today there were, maybe 50 bikes parked there. Not bad for December 1, with a morning temp near zero. I think it's a real improvement compared to two years ago. But when the snow...
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    Bikes..are they pedestrians or Vehicles?

    I'm hoping our traffic regulations evolve to better distinguish bikes from cars. There are things that should be allowed for bikes and not cars. I'm not looking to give bikes an edge over cars, just better reflect the inherent differences between the two. Rolling stops were mentioned above...
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    Cathedraltown...suburbia with a twist

    The only thing distinguishing it from other suburbs is its embarrassing pretension. Its amazing that the people creating it had so little clue, or so little commitment to what makes creates an old European town feel. Its the closeness of the buildings and the intimate scale. Front lawns and...
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    Communities in Boom report: Toronto dead last

    Is it just my Mac, or are the first 3 pages to the report redacted? At any rate, this study doesn't count as evidence for anything except for the ease with which you can dress up arbitrary rankings as statistical facts and get the media to print it. I especially like the line in the Fin. Post...
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    H1N1 Info You Should Know

    Ah yes, good = natural and natural = good. The bogus equation that underlies attacks on human innovation from both left wing, environmentalist, progressives and religious conservatives alike. Natural is a slippery term and the fans of this bogus equation will apply as it suits their...
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    Influencing others' voting: unethical?

    It's not unethical to ask someone to vote the way you want. It is unethical, and probably illegal, to offer anything in exchange for their cooperation. So, be careful about using the word 'favour' in this context. If they expect any payback, you may be crossing the line. However, I think...
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    Licensing Bicycle riders

    Require you to send in proof? That's comical. "Promise officer, as soon as I'm back in NYC, I'll mail you a photo of my ID...really" Or what? And you seem to think the primary issue in that case should be whether the person has a valid excuse for no license. The issue is that they ran a red...
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    Licensing Bicycle riders

    Because the plan to license cyclists a just a pretense for introducing a mandatory photo Id requirements. Come on! Whenever someone is proposing something so excessive and unworkable, you've got to know there is a hidden agenda: Want to ride the Martin Goodman trail? I'm sorry, that crosses...
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    Licensing Bicycle riders

    You're really stretching to put words in his mouth there. He was clearly just contrasting a bicycle's capacity to harm with a car's Or perhaps when you read reports from health officials the fact that "people who die from H1N1 tend to have existing medical conditions", you think they mean...