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    Toronto | The Well | 174m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    just curious why Toronto never thought about using such products. Is it not approved. It looks good with clean window wall architecture.
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    Toronto | 3445 Sheppard East | 43m | 14s | TAES

    Interesting view. I have some experience with Markham and Oakville. Not many people bike up there. I can see why we are promoting it, but practically speaking, people can't get anywhere up here via bike. places are so far apart.
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    Land For Sale? We can help.

    I will be interested in buying!
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    Toronto | The Well | 174m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Does anyone know about the Bloomframe balcony? It looks amazing.
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    Toronto | 3445 Sheppard East | 43m | 14s | TAES

    I am very interested in the mandatory bike rack. I don't think there's a lot of bike rider. Is it really necessary to have that many bike parking in non downtown areas?
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    Is there a reason Toronto condo's are only allowed a certain height??

    You can't use Dubai as an example man... anything can happen in Dubai.
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    Toronto's best residential streets

    Why don't we see a lot of new york style apartment here in Toronto?
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    High Speed Rail: London - Kitchener-Waterloo - Pearson Airport - Toronto

    So the conservative and the liberal will take turns, supporting and opposing the project and it will never get built.
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    Toronto | 1 Yorkville | 183m | 58s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    I wonder if there are any more lands available for sale in Toronto.
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    Toronto | 321 Davenport | 37m | 9s | Alterra | Giannone Petricone

    Could anyone speak for the construction cost of the underground parking? I would like to learn more about that.
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    Are all elevator companies equally bad

    the average salary for workers with experience is around $80,000 per year. I think your suggestion is decent.
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    Toronto | YSL Residences - Yonge Street Living (383 Yonge) | 299m | 85s | Cresford | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    Thank you for the information, Do you know how branding with fashion designer works? I am interested in exploring branding with a fashion designer for a condo.