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    Architectural styles unique to Toronto

    The first style of house, at least, is common in Philadelphia.
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    Toronto/Chicago comparisons

    I don't think a movie that "showcases the beauty" of a city by smashing the hell out of it is quite what most of us have in mind...
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    Toronto/Chicago comparisons

    How about restoring those historic buildings? New York, Boston, San Fransisco and to some extent Philadelphia all have stretches of townhouses converted to shops without the strip looking tawdry or ramshackle.
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    Toronto/Chicago comparisons

    I don't get the comparisons to American cities at all, really. We don't have the grandeur and we don't have the sinkholes. If portions of Toronto like the one above resembles American sities--well, it was because they were designed by American architects or, in the case of Old City Hall, took...
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    Toronto/Chicago comparisons

    The only part of Toronto that IMO resembles Chicago is Bay Street south of City Hall, which has somewhat the feel of LaSalle Street facing the Board of Trade Building: large-scale Miesian and Beaux-Arts buildings that fill their blocks ending in an architecturally robust terminus. And even...
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    Hume on Bay Street

    I think I see what you mean and I agree, but to call Bay Street more urban seems a bit subjective. Right behind Fifth is Madison Ave, the main commercial street for the Upper East Side. The fact that Fifth in this neighborhood is zoned purely for residential purposes has not hurt street...