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    MiWay: Service thread

    What would be the benifit of changing the route number? (serious question)
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    Toronto | Parkside Village Residences | 136m | 45s | Amacon | Richmond Architects

    ^^^ Oh how I wish that podium was office space, it so nice!
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    Toronto | Mississauga Transitway | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    As I use to take this bus pre and post re-alignment, the reason is because there is no need for the bus to service Sq1 on its return trip to Meadowvale. I remember that on average (I moved to Toronto recently) the bus would take around an hour and 20 minutes and up to get between the subway and...
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    Toronto | Absolute World | 170m | 56s | Cityzen | MAD architects

    To each their own. I have to disagree; I feel they look better up close as they have this sort of CGI look. I remember a while back in this thread posted how they thought the top should be "finished" with renders and at the end of the day, anything but a flat top looks ridiculous.
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    Toronto | Absolute World | 170m | 56s | Cityzen | MAD architects

    I take it you've never seen it in real life?
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    MiWay: Service thread

    For me personally (I live across the street from the Meadowvale Town Centre), I recently started taking the 57 because of the 109's diversion to City Centre Terminal; I find the 57 is often times faster on the return trip from Islington.
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    Toronto | Limelight Condominiums | ?m | 32s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    I don't know, I kind of like the black and green. It's different.
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    MiWay: Service thread

    I have to disagree with this. Coming home from Toronto, sometimes I have to take the 26 (usually since the 109 doesn’t run off peak) and when the 26 docks at CCTT, about half the bus gets off and a good chunk of the people transfer on to other routes. Now I can't say this is true of every bus...
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    MCC: Possible new high-rise site, Webb Drive

    Taller than Absolute would be my guess
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    Toronto | Widesuites Condominiums | ?m | 35s | Conservatory Group | Richmond Architects

    That would actually be a pretty awesome mural!
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    Streetsville Plaza Redevelopment (Queen St. Mississauga, DeZen, 6x3+7x7+3x8, ?)

    That would be fantastic if they did! That piece of land has a lot of potential, but I can honestly see them putting more town houses here :(. The 9 runs through (to bridge Meadowvale and MCC) there but it is an unreliable route.
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    MiWay: Service thread

    I disagree. I’m thinking it will add at least 20 minutes during rush hour. I take that bus daily and on average it takes about an hour. If it has to detour at square one, getting off the highway may not be too much of a problem, but getting back on will be another story. One of the reasons it...
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    MiWay: Service thread

    Great news for MT! Especially the 109 (I take that pretty much daily) as this may mean full day service is just a short while away! The only concern I have is that this detour is going to add like 20 minutes (at least) to the trip during rush hour until the brt is done.