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    Just bought a Condo at NXT and got a really good deal

    I just bought a 1 bedroom condo at NXT in etobicoke and got it with 5% down. Got some upgrades done to the floor and some potlights. (had them thrown in). also got parking for 10,000 My girlfriend referred me to a website and I got $4500 back from the agent. Amazing if you are buying a condo...
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    Toronto | NXT & NXT2 Condominiums | ?m | 35s | Cresford | a—A

    I Bought in the Fendi Building Its furniture is designed by Fendi and i bought a 1147 sq ft with a fantastic view of thelake...i talked to the VP who assures me that they are starting construction by feb 2008... Even got a really good deal off my realtor...can still get a deal if anyones...