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    Future of Toronto condo prices

    I agree tech companies in Canada pay far lower compared to our neighbor. Matter of fact my friend who making 60K in Toronto was got an offer for at MS for 110 k+. Not to mention bonus, stock, and other benefits. Almost all new Canadian graduates look for jobs in US. Health system sucks...
  2. T.O.Condo

    Toronto | Britt Condos, The | 142m | 41s | Lanterra | IBI Group

    lol thought the brochure was to promote tourism. I have a feeling this project is going to phail.
  3. T.O.Condo

    101 Erskine Condos | 106m | 32s | Tridel | CS&P COMPLETE

    This project has a fierce competitor: E
  4. T.O.Condo

    Toronto | Backstage On The Esplanade | 117m | 36s | Cityzen | P + S / IBI

    The Swag Tower - Thanks everyone :)
  5. T.O.Condo

    Don't like Toronto Condo Names? Your chance to name one, and win $5,000!

    vote for The Swag:o
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    Is it a good time to buy now

    Good question guess is that they bought their property during 40s or 50s therefore paid fraction of the property value today. By now most are fully paid off the mortgage so they can afford to live in the expensive urban area. Also I suppose they have their own small community...
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    Five Condos (Graywood Developments, Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    Sunny, what are the new asking price for 507sft and 511sft models?
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    Five Condos (Graywood Developments, Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    IMO if you have the money then by all means you should do the research and buy condos/houses. The problem with these investment are the money is locked for awhile. Of course there is risk involved in real estate. Why do you think FIVE is not a 'smart buy'? We are getting at rate lower than...
  9. T.O.Condo

    Five Condos (Graywood Developments, Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    I agree. I was quite impressed with the show room. myfive, looks like we'll be vertical neighbors lol.
  10. T.O.Condo

    Five Condos (Graywood Developments, Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    IMO FIVE is not a bad decision. I'm not saying this because I purchased a unit :). I have looked into $450psf range condos in downtown but don't like the neighborhoods. Some reasons i chose this: 1) Y/B is the center of downtown, therefore even during down times it's easy to rent out. 2)...
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    Laminate (Dark or light)

    I personally like dark laminate, I think it's unique but since 95% people prefer light. I will go with light when time comes due to resale convenience :p
  12. T.O.Condo

    Good Market to buy now? Will it cool off?

    I think there will be a small dip but nothing major. As for pre-construction condos, I don't think they will lower the price if builder makes 65% of the sale, if not they may give incentive upgrades. Once 65% is reached they can get loan from bank to start the construction. Builders have 2-3...
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    Five Condos (Graywood Developments, Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    Thanks guys. In my opinion even if the price is 10k more it's still worth the investment. Remember you will only be paying 20% so only 2k more. Great advice Sunny, glad to see a good-hearted realtor onboard :)