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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    The flaw in this reasoning is that it doesn't consider the logistics of actually building the tunnels and extending in the future. The above proposed would mean any western extensions needs to begin with tunnelling in one of the densest areas of the city. You also need a place to launch or...
  2. superelevation

    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    The idea that a place you serve with transit is not changed by the transit seems like a major issue with these assumptions, a subway extension is naturally going to make a mall a more attractive destination as well - driving all day ridership. Having heavier midday demand also sounds like a good...
  3. superelevation

    Toronto | Crosstown Line 5 West Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Density is not the only factor! The line connects with so many others meaning that riders can access it from three different existing Subway Lines, and three different regional Rail lines that have way more capacity than a Subway. Also there is an insane amount of development happening anyways!
  4. superelevation

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    The planning issues are real issues and the speed doesn't only have to do with lots of stops, you also just cannot go as fast along a street as in a separate ROW. Hypothetically to the exact same places along the wide streets of Scarborough? Stop consolidation is fine - that's how every...
  5. superelevation

    Bloor-Yonge Station Capacity Enhancement

    Looks like some platform markers for where trains will stop? If we get PSD's I'd be over the moon
  6. superelevation

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Different "forms" of rapid transit i.e. some forms more rapid than others. People have for years been talking about how LRT is so great in Toronto - but our lines won't have strong signal priority and are often designed with too frequent stops etc. (basically all surface sections go down the...
  7. superelevation

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Very sceptical, more doors help - but the internal space on these trains is still very restricted which slows dwells
  8. superelevation

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Depends on who you ask, I am sure that people might want subways knowing they would instead be getting St. Clair++, which does not have the speed, or frequency of the subway. Suggesting that anyone wanting subways was "illogical" is a pretty bad Toronto tendency, a lot of people in the suburbs...
  9. superelevation

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    We've built no major new urban rapid transit capacity in decades, I am not so confident
  10. superelevation

    GO Transit: Union Station Shed Replacement & Track Upgrades (Zeidler)

    The park provides such a good viewing point for the works
  11. superelevation

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Worth adding to this that the "LRV" model is really the tram train model derived from the Citadis Dualis, the design of the train with a centre car with two bogies and the remainder "hanging" on both sides enables more stability and higher speeds iirc.
  12. superelevation

    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    I read it, there is no indication that they would or that it would be necessary. Anyways, this is off topic
  13. superelevation

    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    They don't even need to be at every stop - but like King and Bay? It's ridiculous how little infrastructure is there
  14. superelevation

    Toronto | Hurontario-Main LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I mean it is bad? The region is indeed a region and minimizing confusion is good - if someone wants to go to Steeles it would be good for that to not potentially be many rail stops in different places!
  15. superelevation

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Double stack and catenary work fine together, see Northeast US