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    The Retail Apocalypse

    Both pairs of their earbuds I've owned had wiring issues causing only one earbud to produce after about a year. The only other product from them I've owned is a TV soundbar which I haven't had problems with yet, though I wish they had a better remote instead of their brick-like monstrosity
  2. stanko

    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    "Metro" is generally used to describe an underground, heavy rail line so I'm struggling to understand why you think that would be more appropriate for a sparsely dense corridor as you put it
  3. stanko

    Dundas St Rapid Transit (Metrolinx, Mississauga, Halton Region, CoT)

    The proposed amendment for the Palermo Village secondary plan in Oakville includes a transit terminal on the northwest corner of Dundas & Bronte. I wonder if GO will move its service from the carpool by 407 to this terminal
  4. stanko

    Toronto Bike Share

    Does anyone know if the Transit app gets some sort of affiliate commission for buying Bixi passes through their app?
  5. stanko

    Bell Fibre in older buildings

    The handful of independent ISPs in Toronto that own their last-mile infrastructure are only in newer condo buildings, if I'm not mistaken. It's too pricey for these small ISPs to offer service outside of the densest areas of the city and therefore most people won't have access to cheaper FTTH...
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    Hamilton LRT (Metrolinx/City of Hamilton, Revived)

    I think you overestimate how much the generation that will opt for Lyft/Uber over a trip that could very easily be accomplished with a bus ride cares about transit
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    Hurontario LRT | Metrolinx

    I don't live in Mississauga but I'm there often enough and have spoken with enough people from there to know, yes, plenty of people from Mississauga refer to that intersection as "5 and 10" and especially older people still refer to Hurontario as Highway 10 That being said, that name is still...
  8. stanko

    Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

    Ford Government Taking Bold Action to Fix Hydro Mess My god, I think we're really seeing a decline in our society if colloquial speech is the norm in government media releases
  9. stanko

    London Rapid Transit (In-Design)

    That may have been true decades ago but Hamilton has gotten sucked into the GTA over the years and it's not like the mass migration of Torontonians to Hamilton helped. Read: And the only reason Wynne "gave a shit"...
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    Toronto | Mississauga Transitway | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    Well, do you know what device(s) MiWay uses to count boardings at all? I'm sure they can count on a stop-by-stop basis. Also, Presto data can come in handy there as well
  11. stanko

    How has gentrification impacted politics in Toronto?

    I live in Oakville and I wish any part of this town was even 10% as interesting as The Beaches or High Park Other than that, I understand where you're coming from and agree 100% with the rest of your post. I grew up in the same riding you were volunteering in and my parents were voting NDP there
  12. stanko

    Is tuition free now?

    I don't think humanities and social sciences are necessarily useless because these are topics that will always need to be looked back on, but there certainly isn't a demand for that many students in those fields. The number of those who are there only because they feel like they need a degree...
  13. stanko

    Is tuition free now?

    I don't agree with axing free tuition for low income individuals but I also don't agree with the administrative bloat found in post-secondary institutions in this province. A large portion of what I pay as a student doesn't go to my learning, but so that Liberal Party appointees can hold onto...
  14. stanko

    Ridiculous comments and claims made by City Councillors

    I would say the utter obsession with identity politics is very much "alt-left" as this Toronto councillor has exemplified