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    Which rust belt city do you like best or most like to visit?

    Pittsburgh has interesting topography too. Hills and valleys throughout. While Cleveland has a great lake, so does Toronto. Detroit's big feature is its strait, from which you can see Windsor.
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    Do you think the US will eventually have a single-payer healthcare system like Canada?

    Eventually there will be single-payer because of the fact that it's portable. Today, health insurance is tied to one's job. As Americans increasingly shift from one job to another, single-payer will become more appealling because coverage follows the worker as one changes jobs.
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    Ethnic/cultural communities with their diasporas globally most well-represented in Toronto?

    Please note that Punjabis hail from both Pakistan and India as this province was itself partitioned between the two countries. This may make counting their numbers difficult.
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    Why Canada is prospering and the US is not...

    I believe the key is Canada's health care system. The U.S. health care regime is tied to employment, whereas Canada's health system is government-based. What this means is that someone in the U.S. who has health insurance through his employer gives up that insurance once he stops working for...
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    Toronto Life neighbourhood rankings

    Is Wexford (#6) really that much better than neighbouring Dorset Park (#64)?
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    Europe moves to end passport-free travel

    Fortress Europe : dispatches from a gated continent (2012) by Matthew Carr is good reading on the subject. It describes the various frontiers from which 3rd World migrants are trying to enter Europe, and the responses of European governments to those migrants.
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    Now I know Iran is NOT a threat

    Here we go. The Holocaust gives Israel carte blanche to do whatever it wants to and nobody is supposed to criticize the Jewish State when it starts mimicking its former oppressors. The "free ride" referred to is the actions Israel has taken without receiving little, if any, official criticism...
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    Has Political Correctness Destroyed Britain?

    A good book on this subject is The Abolition of Britain, by Peter Hitchens, brother of polemic Christopher Hitchens. IMO Britain is not being destroyed by political correctness. There are other things that might destroy Britain. One is the desire by regions for devolution from Westminster...
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    Salon: "Tea Partiers as the new Hippies"

    Right on, Matt. These types of people definitely come out of the woodwork when a Democrat is in the White House. Remember in 1995 it was Timothy McVeigh and the whole militia movement during the Clinton presidency. Their gripe then was the intrusive scope of the federal government. But the...
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    Obama - first Peace Prize winner to accelerate war?

    Obama had three options. 1) Get the U.S. out of Afghanistan. 2) Take all the 100,000+ troops that are being withdrawn from Iraq and transfer them to Afghanistan to really go after the Taliban. 3) A modest surge of troops to Afganistan to compromise. IMO, option #1 is the best long-term...
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    Harper Proroguing Parliament again

    The Dow had a fantastic year huh? Only if your year is only 9 months long and starts in April. The Dow Jones reached a closing low of 6,547.05 on March 9, 2009 (after an intra-day low of 6,469.95) its lowest close since April 1997, and had lost 20% of its value in only six weeks.
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    Switzerland Minarets Laws

    Admiral: The first quote is from the chapter called "Repentence", which is what you need to be doing for cherry-picking the verse out of context. You know or ought to know full well that this is part of a passage in the Quran discussing the abrogation of a treaty. Here is the full passage...
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    Canadian patriotism... Or lack of...

    Robert MacNeil, a Canadian journalist that hosted the McNeil/Lehrer Newshour for 20 years on America's PBS TV network, was asked why he never became an American citizen, having resided in the U.S. for decades. His answer was that changing from his Canadian citizenship would be like changing his...
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    September 11th: Real or Fraud?

    After watching Governor Jesse Ventura's investigation, I am convinced that the U.S. government is covering up information and evidence because it had some complicity in the events of September 11th.
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    Universal Health Care - Still Not Possible in US

    You completely missed my point. I never said or implied that the Senate couldn't do what it has done to the health care bill. My point was that if the Senate had introduced the health care bill, the House of Representatives could have gutted the bill, just as the Senate done in this instance...